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The Prestige

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Movie Length: 2:10

Genre: Drama thriller

Country: US, UK

IMDB rating: 8.5

Director: Christopher Nolan

Actors: Kristian Beyl, Hyu Dzhekman, Scarlett Johansson, Maykl Keyn, Piper Perabo, Rebekka Holl, Samantha Mehurin, Devid Boui, Andy Serkis, Daniel Davis

Budget: $ 40 million

Year: January 18, 2007

Download The Prestige

Free The Prestige movie torrent. A screen adaptation of Christopher Priest fi drama, tells the story of the confrontation between the two illusionists. Robert talented magicians (Hyu Dzhekman) and Alfred (Kristian Beyl) were paired and had tremendous success. But one day, during one of the stunts Robert's wife died tragically, and responsible for her death, Alfred. Illusionists become bitter enemies and rivals, the meaning of life which is no longer simply take away the glory, but also to destroy each other.

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Our Review:

London end of the XIX century. At the scene of one of the theaters of the magician, known as the Great Danton show dangerous stunt. At this time penetrated into the room under the stage one sees how Danton falls into dodgy box prepared here with the water and drowns. Unwound time ago, and in front of us speak of another magician. He is going to show a room with a wonderful release related beauty of this same exact box with water. Two "volunteers" (future Danton and people under the stage) knit girl hands and feet, as it turns out - too hard. She dies, and these two are sworn enemies for life. In 1995, the British writer Kristofer Prist wrote nonweak novel "The Prestige." The book caught the eye and indomitable enterprising brothers Nolan, those treated her well, and bungled simplified script for the new film. They found magicians reason for hostility, making the dead Julia wife of Danton, of misunderstanding or for clarity made metal cylinders of Tesla's experiments in hats and let Thom Yorke singing in the credits. And by the way, the film has turned out quite in the manner of singing esteemed soloist «Radiohead» - a prolonged and mournful, almost on the same note, a little delirium, a little bit of the universal longing. The "Prestige" there is, however, a considerable portion of science fiction in the spirit of Wales - but there's got to be thankful Priest. If we remove all the epic with electricity, will remain 2:00 naked rivalry: magicians constantly go to each other's views, steal secrets and methodically, in turn order, cause injury to one another. Actors that should be picked up: Hyu Dzhekman, Kristian Beyl, Scarlett Johansson, plus Christopher Nolan manages zapoluchat regularly in his paintings Maykla Keyna - amazing but true. Perhaps this time the Honorable Sir bought, like so many, a promising story. Sorry, but even this "Mighty Handful" does not cover all their combined talent mediocre directing. You watch and wait, that now they will show - but show the same thing, and even low neckline Johansson does not save the situation. However, not all that bad. Appreciative audience at the end waiting for "prestige" in the jargon of magicians is just the culmination of a trick - like rabbit transformations in the snuff-box, or the appearance of a box smiling just sawn into pieces assistant. Another argument: even monotonous tricks are still wandering abruptly North American Rangers and glittering white smiles of the Moscow heat.

User's Review:

After reading the previous reviews for the film, I decided to see it. Entangled plot, a great game Hyu Dzhekmana and a bit of science fiction - these are the three components of this sparkling cocktail called "Prestige". From the first minute to the very end of the film is simply impossible to break away - "Prestige" absorbs without a trace, fully disconnect from reality. Directing - at altitude, clear all rules setting a good film that will look and reviewed, I think, more than one generation. Recommended for people from twenty-five years of age and older - young people are unlikely to be interested in this work of cinema. Yes, "Prestige" very unexpected outcome, and two hours after watching all thoughts revolve only around the film, and only a little later, "Prestige", finally "let go." So if you need a good rest, escape from the obsessive thoughts or just take your attention an interesting puzzle, I recommend the "Prestige".

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