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The Man from Earth

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Movie Length: 1:27

Genre: Drama fiction

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 8.0

Director: Richard Shenkman

Actors: Devid Li Smith, Tony Todd, Dzhon Billingsli, Ellen Crawford, Annika Peterson, Uilyam Kett, Alexis Thorpe, Richard Riley, Stephen Littls


Year: June 10, 2007 (World)

Download The Man from Earth

Download The Man from Earth full movie for free. Dzhon Oldmen, a university professor, a farewell gathering of evening in honor of his own move. In the general gatherings he tells his colleagues preinteresneyshuyu thing: he lives on earth for 14,000 years and never gets old… Giving rise to numerous questions, John tells us that a caveman, has ceased to grow old in the early thirties. During his long life, he visited many countries and eras, knew the Buddha, Van Gogh and was even initiated into the mystery of Jesus Christ. Surprised friends hardly believe the story of John, but it is clear that it is associated with some of them not only a common place of work.

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User's Review:

Watched the film, as he was walking in the announcement as a fantasy, of course expected to return to the past and a lot of different effects and intense story, as described above. The plot is somewhat different and certainly not science fiction. Rather, this argument with a certain philosophical slant. The film itself nudnovato, but some of the issues raised are interesting, so finished watching it to the end. There is something to think about and speculate after watching how entertaining movie is no good, no scenery, actors are not beautiful, silly faces of actors, sometimes do not behave quite naturally. However, for those who are interested in how historical facts are overgrown with legends and rumors, as the simple becomes complex in history, then this is your movie.

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