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The Libertine

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Movie Length: 1:54

Genre: Drama

Country: Australia, United Kingdom

IMDB rating: 6.4

Director: Lourens Danmor

Actors: Dzhonni Depp, John Malkovich, Paul Ritter, Stenli Taunsend, Francesca Annis, Rozamund Payk, Tom Hollander, Dzhonni Vegas, Richard Coyle, Tom Burke


Year: January 26, 2006

Download The Libertine

Free download The Libertine movie. The life story of the famous English poet of the Restoration, the well-known representative of libertinism, libertine and satirist, whose language did not spare any of the people around him, even the King, Count Dzhona Uilmota (Dzhonni Depp). Returning from one of his conclusion, after the loss of the king location Wilmot appears at the premiere of the theater, where he became a witness to the failure of a young actress, Elizabeth Barry. Join for a girl, so it becomes her patron and teacher of acting. In the meantime, he has a chance to return the location of Charles II - Wilmot has to write a play, raise the prestige of the monarch. Yet, Libertine can not go against his liking and create a masterpiece denouncing the vulgarity and sarcasm.

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Our Review:

Kneading heels mud, stepping over the rat, holding in one hand a walking stick, and another - a glass of port, walks young Earl of Rochester (Depp) to London XVII century. Dandy, poet, courtier wit (he poses is not even the artist and his wife, and to humor, with a monkey), he is no stranger to the theater, and - at least aktriski and strive to squeeze it behind the scenes. But after Rochester takes patronage over the booing debutante (Morton), his head jammed very strange. Jokes are getting angrier and did not amuse the King Charles (Malkovich), who windbag, lecher not need for secular parties, and to lobby for the interests of the royal House of Lords. Rochester runs from King's anger in the village. There, on his pale aristocratic face begin to appear the consequences of vice - in particular, falls nose and left eye, naturally, rot. Assuming that any biopic removed for the sake of maximum couple of key scenes, the "Libertine" can be reduced to two freeze-frame. In a first, Depp is sitting on the stage in the mask of Charles, some blonde doing theater sucked him, behind him stands a monstrous penis with wheels, and he was extremely pleased with himself, utters fervent monologue about debauchery. In another picture, a hero already eaten syphilis, without a wig, but with a pirate beard, helplessly crying, wet his pants. This contrasting states of Dzhona Uilmota, Earl of Rochester - the rise and fall, black and white, even and odd. The play about the famous London joker of the Restoration with extraordinary success was in the Chicago theater "Steppenvulf" (Rochester Malkovich played there). In the movie, it is more difficult to survive - all the same costume history, about the intricacies of the theater business, delivered without any profligacy three decorations, and even those badly veiled notorious English fog. But something "cinematic" it definitely is. First, the bad smile Depp (Rochester venereal agony he played exactly between the "Pirates of the Caribbean" and "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" - was, in general, the reason pozuboskalit). Secondly, of course, the moral: free-thinking must end where it starts personal hygiene. There would look good titre: "The Ministry of Culture warned."

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