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The Lake House

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Movie Length: 1:39

Genre: Drama Romance Fantasy

Country: USA, Australia

IMDB rating: 6.8

Director: Alejandro Agresti

Actors: Kianu Rivz, Sandra Bullock, Kristofer Plammer, Ebon Moss-Bakrak, Willeke van Ammelroy, Dilan Uolsh, Shore Agdashlu, Linn Kollinz, Mike Bakarella Kevin Brennan

Budget: $ 40 million

Year: August 10, 2006

Download The Lake House

Free The Lake House movie torrent. Alex, disappointed in life young architect, enters the house by the lake, once built by his father. In the mailbox, he found a letter from a former mistress of the house - a lonely female doctor Kate. The strange case of forcing Alex to write a letter in response, and it turns out that Kate is living in 2006, and Alex - in 2004. The Lake House and a mailbox near it have strange property: they can be used to send letters to the future and the past. Alex and Kate arrange correspondence, in the course of which fall in love. But how can they be together, if they live in different times? Feeling an overwhelming desire to meet Alex and Kate do everything to achieve the impossible.

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User's Review:

This "Il Mare" (in Italian means "Sea") took off in the year 2006, first tried his hand at the Hollywood area, a beautiful Argentinean director Alejandro Agresti ( "It is not such a bad world" beautiful and unusually 2000 moving remake of the Korean film "Night of love") for adapted screenplay exceptionally talented David Oborna ( "Proof", "The Girl in the park"). Keyt Forster - a pretty young girl, working therapist, who after breaking up with her boyfriend wants to move out of the insanely beautiful house on the lake and to move to Chicago, where her work. She leaves a letter in the mailbox for the future owner with an apology for the little mess left in the house. Letter reveals a Aleks Uayler - lonely and good-looking architect who does not understand at first, writes about the former owner, but it interests him clearly, and later Kate and Alex realize that they live in different time spaces, separated by exactly two years, Alex lives in the same house in the 2004th year, Kate moves out of it in the 2002nd. Between them begins a violent and fascinating correspondence through the years, which turns into a kind of romantic relationships and the characters fall in love, but some tragic circumstances and the time span of two years, are firmly on their way to a rapprochement. I did not watch, alas, the original film, but can it for the better, at least spare you the useless comparisons and give an objective assessment of this film is. "The Lake House" - definitely one of the most unusual and romantic melodramas in recent years, unusual it is expressed clearly in the subject, in all respects, the magnificent, is not similar to that, fascinating and exciting, but a special romanticism of this film for me personally signed precisely in the stunning main characters letters to each other, as the words written on paper, in my opinion, mean and produce a much greater impression than lean on emotions trifle in private messages or social networking smskah by which we Oba but we communicate and recognize the feelings in our new and advanced age. When you write on paper, you're always picks up some special words you output each letter and put in them a piece of true self, writing, style, mood, and it all works very subtly and effectively in the imagination of the person to whom you write, and it is for that I fell in love with this film from the first view, it reminded me that, alas, of our life is spent. This film is actively touted as the next reunion of the screen kinopary so hooked people once in a spirited boevichkov "Speed", actors Sandra Bullock ( "Pet," "While You Were Sleeping") and Keanu Reeves ( "The Devil's Advocate," "Sweet November "), and the duo have got here is really incredibly sensual and alive. Great company they have made, and Hollywood veteran, and, by the way, Oscar winner this year, Kristofer Plammer ( "The Sound of Music", "Beginners"), Dilan Uolsh ( "Body Parts") and a wonderful actor with an unusual appearance and name Ebon Moss-Bakrak ( "Road"). If you somehow miraculously got in due time before the movie, give yourself half an hour of the pleasure of truly kinoizyuminok unit.

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