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The Lady

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Movie Length: 2:12

Genre: Drama biography

Country: United Kingdom, France

IMDB rating: 7.1

Director: Luc Besson

Actors: Mishel Yeo, Devid Tyulis, Jonathan Radzhett, Dzhonatan Vudhauz, Syuzen Vuldridzh, Benedict Wong, Anthony Hikling, Uilyam Houp, Sahayak Bunsanakit


Year: June 28, 2012

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The Lady download movie. The film reproduces the amazing story of the relationship of Aung San Suu Kyi - the legendary leader of the opposition movement in Burma, and her husband Michael Eris. Despite separating them kilometers long separation and a political regime, love each other, they are for life.

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Our Review:

Politically engaged Luc Besson biopic about a female politician Aung San Suu Kyi, Burma's struggling for fair elections. Contrary to its main role, this time Mishel Yeo advocates non-violent methods of struggle. Aung San Suu Kyi (Yeoh) - the daughter of General Aung San Burma, chased out of the country of the British colonialists. He was killed in 1947, he came to power by a military junta, and his wife, Aung mother in 1960 became the ambassador of Burma in India. So she got in a civilized country, and received the first education, which continued in Britain and the United States, where she married Tibetologist Mihaelya Eyrisa (Thewlis). the whole family came to Burma to care for her sick mother in 1988, Aung. There they witnessed the abdication of the dictator Ne Win. The resignation of the hated satrap instilled hope in the hearts of all honest Burmese. They sent a delegation to Suu Kyi's proposal to head the democracy movement. The country has begun unrest known as the Revolt of 8888, which were suppressed by troops. It came to power a new military junta and Suu Kyi, the start of the long struggle for fair elections. All progressive mankind maintains a brave woman and her kind, honest supporters who oppose the cruel generals and their soldiers are stupid. What do we know about Burma other than what she was hopeless centuries of war with Thailand for a white elephant? Is it just that it is the most backward country in Southeast Asia, and even the tourist boom that gripped the region, it is not touched - simply nowhere to lodge tourists. Since then, the Burmese gained independence from Britain, they are endless civil wars for power, and the history of Suu Kyi - one of the episodes of the showdown. Luc Besson took this standard Americanized biopic, technically flawless, but meaningful is an amazing primitive crafts, in which all the characters are perfect and clear. Supporters of democracy only perfect, kind, intelligent and nice people, their enemies - the evil, greedy and stupid bastards. Set propaganda clichés in the spirit of "for our freedom and yours, so will win." As blogger says Sharansky, "Bonner on the sky, on the ground Haykin, water Sixth American Fleet". Hillary Clinton has said that the film is required for viewing.

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