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The Killer Inside Me

Free download The Killer Inside Me movie.

Movie Length: 1:49

Genre: Drama Thriller Crime

Country: USA, Canada, UK, Sweden

IMDB rating: 6.1

Director: Maykl Uinterbottom

Actors: Keysi Afflek, Keyt Hadson, Dzhessika Alba, Ned Bitti, Elias Koteas, Tom Bower, Saymon Beyker, Bill Pullman, Brent Briscoe, Mettyu Meher

Budget: $ 13 million

Year: September 16, 2010

Download The Killer Inside Me

Free download The Killer Inside Me movie. Lou Ford - deputy sheriff in a small Texas town enjoys the same respect for all people. A bit slow, pedantic, and most importantly - absolutely harmless in the eyes of others. But Lu is very good at hiding the second side of his nature - the ruthless and cruel maniac with perverse inclinations. He can not keep this part of his personality, and now his crimes leave a bloody trail leading straight to him. Ford is not going to give up so easily.

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Our Review:

Texas Assistant Sheriff Lou Ford is wearing a hat and tie instead of a gun, listless dying voice Keysi Affleka informing the viewer that the town had a quiet, peaceful and safe, and all the people polite in the extreme. Bride with the face and figure of Keyt Hadson in every way he cares and he bakes cakes, friends are asked to look after their children, colleagues respected and trusted by the most sensitive cases. Everything flows smoothly and boring until life pushes him to a prostitute with her lips and ass Dzhessiki Alby. Lou completely loses his head, and comes complete desynchronization, his mouth still apathetic to utter about love and friendship, while the hands are active on his own script. Forcing Keysi Affleka whipped Dzhessiku Alba in the fifth minute of his new movie, a British intellectual naturalist Maykl Uinterbottom somewhere farther still explains the behavior of the hero's psychological trauma in childhood. About childhood Winterbottom very little is known, but it is no secret that he is not the most exemplary father of two daughters and ex-husband British writer-teacher. Perhaps, it is considered sufficient motive for having begun a career as a film about the cinematic killers lesbian, pass a series of comedies with Steve Coogan and again to come to a serial killer, is much more plausible and disgusting. The question who and why is it necessary, apparently, is inappropriate - film and time spent on the murderers and violence at all times almost from the "arrival of the train." The problem of "The Killer Inside Me" in some monstrous imbalance. Killed here in geometric progression, the more - the better. But the men - most of the rifles or completely behind the scenes, and the women - long and thoroughly beaten to death with his bare hands. Winterbottom, of course, could at last experience the stress of the high concentration of women around, and thus to try to ease the soul. Beat in the face with words of love and the sounds frivolous blues - could pass for an attempt to strengthen the impact on the viewer, but more like what the director had fun. Then he added, overdid it, and eventually somehow permanently carried away. It is not drawn to comedy and scary for the tragedy, and in any case is unpleasant. In addition, the younger of the Affleck brothers too fit for the role of a psychopath, and they are too harmonious and sensual play with Alba, so everything that was going on they perceived especially sharply. On the one hand Winterbottom, on the other - Affleck, the third - the story leading from the psychopathic person. All running scared, but Vudi Allen may be, I would understand.

User's Review:

Here it is, the vaunted American justice !!!! Sadistic cop who pulls his sick fantasies of childhood, kills his victims only because it is necessary ... as he sees himself. All his actions did not involve any particular expectation inherent maniacs ... From all this chaos I liked only the name, the film sluggish - no speakers! And the ending !!! Now nobody knows what Lou Ford - crazy killer! He was worthy of a cruel death ...

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