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The Imitation Game

Based on the incredible but true story

The Imitation Game download movie.

Movie Length: 1:54

Genre: Drama Thriller War Biography

Country: US, UK

IMDB rating: 8.1

Director: Morten Tildum

Actors: Benedict Cumberbatch, Kira Naytli, Mettyu Gud, Rory Kinnear, Allen Leech, Mettyu Bird, Charlz Dens, Mark Strong, Dzheyms Nortkot, Tom Goodman-Hill

Budget: $ 14 million

Year: February 5, 2015

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Download movie The Imitation Game for free. 1941. English mathematician Alan Turing instructed to decipher the secret code of the Third Reich - Enigma. Turing is acting on behalf of British intelligence in the center, which specializes in breaking ciphers and codes. To perform a top-secret assignment here assembled a team of talented scientists who will create the world's first computer.

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Our Review:

Biographical spy thriller about the legendary British mathematician Alan Turing, in an attempt to glorify his hero managed to discredit him. According to the neighbors call the British police arrives at the apartment mathematician Alan Turing (Benedict Cumberbatch), which, apparently cleaned. Turing suggests the order in the devastated room, but does not want to accept help from the police and rude to them. This raises suspicions of one of the detectives, and he finds out that during the war, Alan had access to some secret, but all the information on its activities thoroughly destroyed. Summoned for questioning scientist reminiscing about how, during the war, participated in the work on cracking the codes of the German cipher machine "Enigma". He alone knew from the beginning that this is necessary to build an electromechanical superbrain and narrow-minded colleagues and blunt military department officials only eccentric genius put a spoke in the wheel. And only the intervention of Winston Churchill personally allowed to continue working, to which Alan hooked talented matematichka Dzhoan Klark (Kira Naytli). As a result, almost single-handedly won the Turing World War II, as with great fervor repeatedly report viewer. However, the need to hide their sexual orientation marred existence quarrelsome scientist who has pushed for cooperation with Soviet intelligence and led to a tragic end. At first glance, we face the standard Anglo-American biopic mid-level, high-quality shot, but it is not trying to build a complex drama, deep characters and show the drama of history. The film is filled with stamps with characters drawn by one or two colors: thick-headed warriors and cops, goofy colleagues, kind and wise woman prime minister, who at the decisive moment comes to the rescue of the hero - the savior of the world. Such an approach to the real story is somewhat discouraging, but might, for example for the children's film. However, the number of historical inaccuracies in the film, clearly exceeds reasonable limits. And it's not the little things like the true history of appearance in the project Dzhoan Klark, the fundamental role of Polish cryptographers in unraveling the secrets of "Enigma" or the role of the Soviet Union in the war, barely mentioned or distorted. By no longer accustomed. The fact that the protagonist himself is depicted too far from its real prototype. Turing never hid his homosexuality, and accordingly, all the major conflicts of the film until it deals with a Soviet agent simply could not be. Not to mention the fact that Alan, of course, was scattered eccentric scientist, but he was distinguished by a great sense of humor, lively and friendly nature, and did not suffer from autism expressly as Cumberbatch's character. It is known that the artwork is not obliged to follow the historical truth literally, but when it comes to such a significant, fundamental distortion cost is probably fair game in an alternative story with fictional characters, not the kind of "imitation" of real events.


User's Review:

Much to our regret, the Russian distributors have turned their attention to this film just after the story of the life and work of a genius mathematician Alan Turing has received eight nominations for "Oscar". A world premiere took place on 29 August. And the more we grieved the fact that the cinema allocated a minimum of sessions for this beautiful picture, and a few even completely ignored him, of course, better than the second week in a show "Christmas Tree shaggy" because even a dog's love is traditional, and the film about the genius who his work greatly hasten the day of victory, but he was a homosexual, he does not deserve special attention. But let's not talk about sad things, apparently pressure from stakeholders, but mediocre people will only increase with each passing year. As we have said, the movie "The Imitation Game" tells the story of the war and postwar years of the life of the famous mathematician Alan Turing, who, based on the tremendous work done by a variety of brilliant scientists could decipher the "Enigma". Of course, take the film entirely autobiographical, and to think that all the events described in the film were really not worth it, and besides, the film is based on a work of art, it is not surprising that Alan Turing, whose merits, of course, very large, and the results his works are still in use, is shown as virtually the only savior of the world from Nazi Germany. But in this case, I personally do not see any problem in such a simplification of the history and the facts, yet the film about a man whose life is shown through a difficult challenging events, and difficult times. Of course, in the film it is raised and the subject of homosexuality, which is a thin thread that runs through the entire film, and fully takes its place in the story, only at the end of the picture. And life Turing - a perfect example of what should not judge a person by his sexual and other preferences that differ from accepted standards, because such discrimination can end badly not only for the accused but also for prosecutors. Who knows what would have ended the Second World War, if not for the contribution of Alan Turing? But, according to information from many sources, that salvaged their genius society brought to suicide, although this is still controversial then go. Beautiful cast, an interesting story of a tragic, beautiful shooting with well developed in terms of the historical reliability of the interior and exterior - what else is needed for a "catchy" movie? "The Imitation Game", with its small budget of 14 million dollars. Was able to get several actors of the first magnitude. Execution starring Benedict Cumberbatch earned his first nomination for "Oscar" and the company he was Kira Naytli (also winner of the nomination), Charlz Dens and Mark Strong. Apparently the story of his brilliant countryman did not leave indifferent those wonderful actors with Albion and the fee for the work has not had a role. Separately want to talk about Cumberbatch. He so easily possible to realize screens crazy genius. It is worth remembering the series "Sherlock" which literally from the first series has captured the hearts and minds of the audience, and in fact this is not small and the merit of Benedict. Of course, this time we saw a very different genius - a sociopath, though, certainly, to some extent, these two characters are similar to each other with their habits and behavior, and dramatic, unusual appearance Cumberbatch does not allow to forget all his previous roles. Yet Alan Turing by Benedict left vulnerable, not afraid of their own tears, I would even say, delicate and dependent on people's opinions, because apart from the genius mind the great mathematician hid most of his life and personal secrets, the disclosure of which face prosecution. Do not take the time to look, "in imitation of the Game." Yet this film - a sample of the beautiful big cinema. Unfortunately, in the near future we force will stuff "netlenochkami" from "Bazelevs" and geeks "Comedy Club" and Co., but most distressing is not the presence of such pictures in the grids cinema complexes, and the fact that the vast majority of "People hawala" and once again will hold bellies watching adventures on binge drinking by phrases such as "Let me drag him!"

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