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The Great Gatsby

Adaptation of the novel Fitzgerald with Leonardo DiCaprio in the title role

Download The Great Gatsby full movie for free.

Movie Length: 2:23

Genre: Drama romance

Country: USA, Australia

IMDB rating: 7.3

Director: Baz Luhrmann

Actors: Leonardo DiCaprio, Keri Malligan, Tobi Maguayr, Joel Edgerton, Isla Fisher, Lisa Adam, Frank Eldridge, Amitabh Bachchan, Stiv Bisli, Richard Carter, Dzheyson Klark, Edeleyd Klemens, Dzhemma Uord, Elizabeth Debicki

Budget: $ 105 million

Year: May 16, 2013

Download The Great Gatsby

Download The Great Gatsby full movie for free. Adaptation of the novel Fitzgerald with Leonardo DiCaprio in the title role. The story is told from the person Karraueyya Nick, who in the spring of 1922, in the era of decaying morals, a brilliant jazz and the "kings of contraband alcohol" coming from the Midwest to New York. Pursuing their own American dream, he settles in the neighborhood with a mysterious, well-known for its partying millionaire Jay Gatsby, and on the opposite shore of the bay live his Kuzina Dezi and her husband, playboy aristocrat, Tom Buchanan. So Nick is drawn into the exciting world of the rich - their illusions, love and deception.

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Our Review:

Electronic swing-and 3D-format - Baz Luhrmann as he could, brushed with naphthalene mossy fitsdzheraldovogo novel. Glamor, glitter, beauty. No other way to tell. Grandiose panorama photoshop New York, snowflakes, leaves, confetti, famously zaverchennye costly three-dimensional, stupefying splendor of the costumes, the palace chairs and the palace to boot - a pair of three minutes is enough to understand: Baz Luhrmann was determined that whatever there nor was its "Gatsby", it must be really smart. That is directly to the eyes pricked. It is true that funny? The director chooses the main stylistic principle of his adaptation of exactly what the author contemptuously spat source. Gatsby - man-fiction snag in gaudy, but incredibly expensive suit, unhappy weak soul, striving, like a butterfly on the fire, to the aristocratic luxury. Destructive folly 20s, worthy Anticipating madness 30s, Scott Fitzgerald embodied in the form of precocious millionaire, a typical representative of the new rich era bootleggers and exchange take-off - a dreamy, like a boy, and as a boy in love. The only thing that is worth watching the film Luhrmann - Leonardo DiCaprio finally vlezshy into the skin of this outlandish, ridiculous, tragic and The Great Gatsby. The actor managed to almost everything - implausible, self-destruct love comic pathetic upstart jerked from rags to riches, and - despite everything - the living splendor of this special, magnetically attractive personality. The role of a million dollars - but simply inevitable pun. The rest of the people in the picture, too, in general, at the level of: and Tobi Maguayr - Nik Karrauey, with touching sympathy indicating the rise and collapse of the fairy lover Croesus; and Keri Malligan as Deyzi Byukenen, cleverly disguising trepidation hollow and suicidal indifference; and frankly repulsive Joel Edgerton - Tom Buchanan, as well as other well dressed, well coiffed and heavily made-up characters. All can admire endlessly fascinating beauty of surrendering pictures and groovy rhythm of the voice-over artists from the major music stars of today ranging from Beyonce to Lana Del Rey. Not hear a false note. As, however, and none of this.

User's Review:

Let me answer the universal question - why the great Gatsby? Great made it the boy, tells us this story. Not ispochenny, young, naive, without aplomb, imposed by society. What a pity that now, as then such people is small. People who are able to discern the true greatness. It was this young guy Yunny and was able to see in the "fraudulent" money in all meshure, commitment, perseverance, goals. Why the great Gatsby? Because it sought to move ahead, he loved, suffered and betrayed neither themselves nor others. Because money and luxury could not make it arrogant and cruel. Because all what he has done, all of which he made himself, not the "origin", namely himself. He had it all, and for what? For whom? Not for themselves, for a woman, for a dream! Gatsby is undoubtedly ktritikovat can be, well, a fact not without sin? But neither the menie Gatsby great great what could the fact that the majority of all times can not and will not be able or when. Hope, dream, love, friendship, conscience - that in the eyes of a young boy makes a great Gatsby. Great for real, because Gatsby kept all this even though he was surrounded by hypocrisy, deceit, cowardice and indifference. Attention! Text marked as a spoiler and may disclose information about the plot. Show? Gatsby is great, great for those who are able to understand that true greatness is not in money, and not in a position in society, it's all "tinsel" wrapper. Yet such an addition. Did no one noticed that even dying, he rendered service Daisy committed her crime blamed on Gatsby. Yes, Tom, you're right in his phrase: "Insignificance on nothingness, that they who. You stand alone all of them put together "

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