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The Good Son

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Movie Length: 1:27

Genre: Drama thriller

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 6.4

Director: Dzhozef Rubin

Actors: Makoley Kalkin, Elaydzha Vud, Vendi Kryuson, David Morse, Daniel Hyu Kelli, Zhaklin Bruks, Kuinn Kalkin, Eshli Krou, Guy Strauss, Keith Brava

Budget: $ 17 million

Year: September 24, 1993 (World)

Download The Good Son

Download movie The Good Son for free. Twelve-Mark (Elaydzha Vud) is forced to live in the home of his relatives, as his mother had recently died of cancer, and his father was forced into such a difficult hour for their family to go on a business trip. The family of her aunt Syuzen Mark approaches with their peers - a cousin of Henry (Makoley Kalkin). Together, the boys spend all their free time. Gradually, Mark begins to notice his brother a strange craving for violence and meanness. Henry is able to surreptitiously adjust muck, but remain an innocent child in the eyes of others. The more the mark is watching little bastard, the worse are the actions of Henry. But adults see only the external, deceptive shell boy. "The Good Son" The film is known also under the name of "good son."

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User's Review:

Mark Evans (Elaydzha Vud) has just lost his mother, and after the funeral, he must remain for a while with his uncle and his family, as his father (David Morse) does not return from an important business trip. Mark immediately finds a common language with his cousin, Henry (Makoley Kalkin), which, of course, is to help Mark to forget his grief and guilt for the death of his mother. However, Henry has a dark side, planted there like a time bomb, which he allowed to find Henry's cousin. He loves adventure, accompanied by violence. No one sees that the true monster lives in the guise of a cute boy, able to even the killing of their relatives, except Mark, not yet recovered from the severe crisis. Evans is seen worthy parents, at least, there are no hints that they could cause psychological trauma, and worsen the condition of the child. Henry said: "I used to be afraid of. Until I realized that I could do anything. " In the perception of many psychopaths installation image that their needs are not met, the anti-social behavior often begins to appear during puberty. So, Henry realized that he would be denied the realization of his desires, and he has learned to adapt to their surroundings, bewitching his feigned emotions, creating the desired image of good little boy, and successfully shifting the blame onto others. However, this boy too complex and ironic for his age. The character would look more intimidating if he met a young and naive. In other words, Dzhozef Rubin at - large, to create an attractive image for the gratification of the potential audience, largely ignoring the high artistic value of realism. Without doubt, young Makkoley Kalkin and Elaydzha Vud set up his game the most interesting characters in the film. Calkin hero sees cross between Kevin Makkalistrom of "Home Alone" (where to hide from these comparisons?) And Patrick Beytmenom of "American Psycho." Elaydzha Vud impressively plays only with his eyes, which are wide with fright and cramped movements complement analogies with rabbit, throbbing in the corner in front of a boa. In "Good boy" Dzhozef Rubin rarely brings suspense to the maximum for the whole picture, cleverly complementing its cold landscapes, undoubtedly plays a worrying atmosphere, slowly and deliberately leading to the final scene, compensates the voltage with a vengeance. Ultimately, "The Good Son" was released shocking thriller with young Hollywood stars, well bypassed without gore and mystery.

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