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The Godfather

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Movie Length: 2:55

Genre: crime Drama

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 9.2

Director: Francis Ford Coppola

Actors: Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, Dzheyms Kaan, Robert Duvall, Richard S. Castellano, Dayan Kiton, Taliya Shayr, Dzhon Kazale, Al Lettieri, Sterling Hayden, Dzhon Marli

Budget: $ 6,000,000

Year: March 15, 1972 (World)

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The Godfather download movie. The legendary film by Francis Ford Coppola tells the story of the Sicilian clan Corleone, concentrated in their hands the entire criminal business in New York. Head of the family, Don Vito for many years created an empire, becoming one of the most respected people of the city. But he is getting old, and competitors are not asleep. A favorite of Don's youngest son Michael, the hero of the Second World War, does not want to take his father's business and lead the gangster lifestyle. But the war between the clans and the threat to the life of his father forced the young man to rethink their values.

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Our Review:

The American Film Institute has awarded the film a resounding title of "Best gangster film." The saga about the Italian mafia has brought glory to Francis Ford Coppola and made a star of world size little-known actor Al Pacino. The head of a mafia clan Vito Corleone is marrying his daughter Connie. Just in time for the wedding in the bosom of the family returned from the war the youngest son of Don Vito, Michael. He fought heroically and returned home with the conviction not to continue his father's business, and to engage in honest business. Don Corleone and his clan with a richer and more influential become every year, which naturally do not like the other representatives of the criminal world in New York. By cunning manipulations and intrigues of the enemies of Corleone first killed one of the men Vito, and then make an attempt on the Don himself. Michael vows to save his father and declares war on crime. Italian by birth but American by birth Frensis Ford Coppola to "The Godfather" has honored the "Oscar" award, but as a writer. Real fame brought him the first part gangster saga, which after its release has received three "Oscars" and has been recognized as a significant film works in the US and around the world. In 1969 he published a book by Mario Pyuzo "The Godfather", caused quite a stir and became a national bestseller. The book is telling us about the harsh laws of the world of the Italian mafia, which many Americans do not even know. Two years later, Puzo because of their poverty had sold the rights to ekranizatsiyu33-letnemuKopolle. The young director had the courage to take such a complicated film, inviting the main role of a Hollywood icon Marlon Brando. The second major role to him asking to such actors as Robert De Niro, Martin Sheen and Robert Redford, but Coppola denied all invited to this role an unknown actor Al Pacino, whom he spotted in the movie "The Panic in Needle Park." This role is immediately brought Pacino nominated for "Oscar", which he, however, ignored. The phenomenon of the popularity of such ill-concealed in the film that Coppola using rigid artistic techniques, showed the true value of the family. The director managed to reveal the dramatic picture, which is the tragedy of a war hero and a very honest young man Michael, who had to step over their own beliefs under pressure of responsibility and interests of the family. His transformation from a simple guy in a cruel mafioso is a one of the most skilled metamorphosis in world cinema.

User's Review:

Brilliant cinema, sparkling in the dim background of everyday movies, brilliant movie, not in vain received their Oscars, but deserved more statues, it is perfectly all - from music to titles, masterpiece great work !!! Puzo, pen genius… You believe? Of course, our admiration - it is the latter, of course, and certainly so their color - insincere. Casual readers epithets little concerned because no laudatory exclamations, we are interested in the first analysis of the film and its characters. Fasten seat belts. To avoid confusion, the main characters are considered: Don Vito Corleone - The Godfather, head of the influential Italian family in America. Sonny Corleone - Vito's eldest son. Fredo Corleone - the middle son of Vito. Maykl Korleone - the youngest son of Vito. Tom Haygin - Advisor Vito. I. On Overly people spoiling for a fight, sketched his future with the image of his father and trying to catch up with this image ahead of time, the receiver feels the primacy of the family and tries to justify invented by him strangers up to expectations, effective and ambitious but inexperienced and hot head - all these features of the portrait of Sonny, the son of an integral family, aiming to participate in business and dealing with important issues. Step back son of the family - Michael - a war hero who has returned from service in the eternal embrace of his father, he talks about the illegal business family "It is they, but I do not", establishes relations with his woman, is present at the wedding of sister and goes to the movies. For a while, Michael comfortably suspended between one's self and family unity, it is neutral to the activities of their relatives, though respects and loves them. Denies family's position, just shows no desire to live side by side with the laws of the Italian business in America. Michael another past than that of his family, and therefore a different vision of the present, where it is well received in the range of powerful and original clan. Chaotic incontinence and zealous reading Sonny traditions, rather the gap between him and his father, rather than their link. At the same time detachment from tradition Michael unites him with the head of the family. Sonny was originally a criminal and this is similar to Vito, but he did neraschetliv and short-sighted, and therefore can not reach an understanding of their responsibility - that integrates so tightly with Michael Vito. Sonny, tending to his father and left his son, a romantic family, but not her mind. And Michael, being far away from his father, alone in his family, thus adjacent to it very closely. Michael initially rejecting the criminal way, yet feels admiration for his father's ability to do business by carrots and sticks, to be master of the situation. Allowing a crime - an important factor in its commission. And the admiration of a crime? What a revealing and often a situation where family integrates disaster. Transition from Michael himself to the native happening, of course, after the assassination of his father, and a threat for the rest of the family. Sonny hearts inflame a lot of shouting and banging his fist on the table, and Michael takes the role of the head, he decides to deal with the existing problems, not shifting responsibility onto someone else's shoulders. Strong solution - to sacrifice to those for whom you feel responsible, adopting their heavy burden. Michael does not remain on the sidelines, although the situation is not dangerous for him personally. Michael is not looking for protection of the family, but the family takes his defense. The ability to throw all that was dear, to expose themselves to risk for the sake of the clan - it has become a serious application for the leadership of Michael. Vito grants its approval to someone who did not want to, but he was owed. And that he later transfers the responsibility for family and business. Fredo Corleone played the role of a certain character additions. In contrast to the intuitive and loyal Sonny, he rejected the tradition and avoided family. In contrast to the lonely and thinking of Michael, it turned out to be weak for responsibility and care. A sort of Fred - man, showing the difference between the heir to the family of her renegade. Three offspring of God in his world find their way. Someone's path is short and cut off the precipice, someone's long, but very thorny, and someone is completely in the wrong direction. Fortunately, the "Godfather" does not suffer emphasis on the wrong priorities in life, it shows the characters of the heroes in the difficult conditions, the immutability of which is set by default. God is not an adherent of his family, as it may seem, the traditions, and the unjust judge. Vito Corleone arrogant, pretentious, he did not seek peace with other influential families in New York, but sought equality with any of their partners and friends. Understanding friendship Vito, distorted understanding of gratitude, friendship he calls the provision of services in return for the provision of services, a manifestation of sincere friendship considers the request of a friend, which he never would have gone first. Vito listens to requests, but then gives the orders. Vito comfortable only when the situation is entirely in his hands, but he was not aggressive, he subtly charismatic, tactful with those who displeased his headship. Don Corleone speech at the meeting of heads of families is his understanding, friendly, but not weaken the vise in which Vito keeps the whole system of separation of powers. When the heads of the family offered to give him some of the spheres of influence, he asked them, "Did I ever denied services?". He is willing to share everything they have, but will not allow anyone to have this on their own. And his study - the church where people come to confession sinners atone for their sins. Men complaining Don to life's troubles and tribulations, like here at the crying children, ran to her provider and protector. This renunciation of the rights of others desire to create rules without looking back at tradition, the building itself on the throne of connects Vito and Michael. Both of them like family, like how nesmyshlenogo blind puppy who needs to be fed and protected, they both want to see a world of their own, and not ourselves, the world belong. The second part of the trilogy of "The Godfather" represents the combination of two stories - young Vito Corleone, the beginning of his ascension and maturation of Michael Corleone, his life in the head of the family. In these stories are viewed parallel, but much more connecting links between the characters I found Vito in the first part and the second Michael, Michael in the first part and the second Vito. Accordingly, comparing, Vito and Michael are very similar, ruling family clan, Michael is the same pretentiousness and arrogance, the same prudence and determination - and the young Michael and Vito are endowed with the same will to win. Young Vito explains and reveals its aged character from the first part, while Michael creates his own character in the first part has explained. II. On the subject of an interesting combination of a film about the fate of the film one story. "The Godfather", in fact, talks about the usual episode from the life of a few powerful families, from the perspective of one of them. In a well-established business and a split between fathers influence, there is a new source of income - the drug trade. It promises a fantastic income and promises to those who would agree to do it, the possibility of one-man rule. However, this new business has a number of shortcomings: bringing profits, it discourages politicians and the police, which will buy is not as easy as in the case of gambling houses or alcohol. In addition, some of the heads of families of sickened sale deadly powder. "It's a dirty business," (c). The situation in the opposition, some families are negative with respect to drug trafficking, and seek to restrain him in order not to go bankrupt, other families can see the future in the drug business and are ready to take them back to back. Someone stays away, someone goes to war. An interesting character - a Turk, a drug dealer - suspiciously similar to Efim Shifrin, serves as a catalyst in the massacre, pushes those who wish to do business with him to eliminate those who want his business in America to limit. A fragile peace broken whiff of power and greed. "I have a new generation of people" (p). In a three-hour film adaptation of the story, dressed in authentic (most likely) the Italian tradition, Puzo and Coppola were able to show not only and not so much the history of the war of families as a family history of people. Though the history of the war does not seem to some, not supplemented, or not open, everything is in place, optimally interwoven with the unhurried plot, atmosphere saturated with the brutal murders logical when nothing personal, just business. Just money. I think I forgot to praise the acting, directing? Well, God be with them. Best film about the Mafia.

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