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The Gangster Squad

Download The Gangster Squad full movie for free.

Movie Length: 1:53

Genre: Drama thriller thriller crime

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 6.7

Director: Ruben Fleischer

Actors: Josh Brolin, Ryan Gosling, Nick Nolte, Emma Stone, Entoni Maki, Dzhovanni Ribizi, Maykl Penya, Robert Patrick, Sean Penn, Holt Makkellani, Sullivan Stapleton, Frank Grillo

Budget: $ 60 million

Year: January 24, 2013

Download The Gangster Squad

Free download The Gangster Squad movie. The criminal action of gangsters and cops. Los Angeles, in 1949, a brutal gang leader Mikki Koen keeps a tight grip on the city, collecting dirty money from drug trafficking, weapons and prostitution. It protects not only the thugs, but also corrupt policemen and politicians. But this is not enough to scare seasoned street cop. A small secret group of employees of the police department of Los Angeles, led by Sergeant John O’ Mara and Jerry Wouters joined together to destroy the underworld Cohen. The film "Gangster Squad" was due for release in September 2012, but because of the shooting incident at the cinema was postponed for January 2013.

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Our Review:

Director of "Zombieland" continues to favorite thing: a team relatively good chops in cabbage definitely bad. 1949. Mikki Koen (Sean Penn), the leader of a well-organized and obedient gang controls the entire criminal world of Los Angeles. Cohen - an extraordinary person. Coming from a Jewish family, the former boxer, he terrifies not only honest citizens but also to their competitors, cracking down on delinquent with some Old Testament brutality. One of the few police officers, which Cohen and his people do not have time to buy or to kill - Chief Parker (Nick Nolte) offers war veteran Sgt John O’Mare (Josh Brolin) to create a secret squad that would be opposed to Cohen, but it was not guided by the law and job descriptions, and their own notions of justice. ABOUT’Mara experienced saboteur, begins to act in the rear koenarmii to start trashing dens, betting shops and casinos. "Gangster Squad" - a real film encyclopedia of large and small platitudes, carousel typecasting, wandering across the screen more than a dozen years. Redhead whore with a heart of gold, his pregnant wife, reluctantly letting go of her husband, a police officer on a mission, another policeman - tired and heavy drinkers handsome, mafia that moves the jaw himself Vito Corleone, gangsters smaller, in white ties and Tommy Ganas in hand. "Based on real events," - this is the most honest definition of the story "Gangster Squad." Mikki Koen existed in reality, but the real story it was, on the one hand, far more intriguing, and on the other - much less Hollywood. The task of Rubena Fleyshera (for many reasons) obviously was not to shoot a second "American Gangster" - a psychological portrait of the colorful and study the pedigree of the main villain. He took off his funny, sometimes very cruel dynamic movie, complete no disguised logical blunders and stamps that go with a bang, and the tenth and the hundredth time. Movie in which, despite all its shortcomings, is full of good black and just a good humor and no sagging of the plot or unnecessary dialogue. And there is a gorgeous cast, juicy picture and invigorating music. Great fun for the evening.

User's Review:

Today, I cast a spell "Gangster Squad." Not bad, but still somehow bland. Yes, there is shooting, love (if the census for the first night love considers love), masculine guys, cops and gangsters with frostbitten shotganom Thompson. Ponimash look and that everything is fine except for the fact that the story - one big distortion. Mikki Koen sat not for murder, but for tax evasion (sat twice), and through positive handsome Dzherri Vuters eventually he thundered on the plank of lawlessness - was friends with a professional Irish killer, poured his Italian-Jewish pals in exchange for patronage in the creation of their own gang. We gave him 4 years. The rest of the "hunters" with the times, too, are not sitting idly by - killed krysheval prostitutes, placed under the control of drug trafficking, etc. In short, not much different from the criminals. In the film, for obvious reasons, this is not shown. They were not seriously pressed only because of the years of service they have collected kolosalny amount of dirt on superiors and fathers hometown. Such inconsistencies full, including joint Babu Wouters and Cohen, which in reality did not exist. Plus great annoying constant narration in the style of Fight Club, explaining the motives of the characters. And if Fincher was the topic, here it is clearly out of place. Conclusion. If anyone knows the history of the anti-organized crime unit in L.A.P.D., he is not interested - too much lied writers, despite the loud statements such as "based on a true story." Other less erudite, you can watch safely - a strong fighter noir with little brains, but with a strong cast and dynamic action.

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