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The Game

The Game download movie.

Movie Length: 2:09

Genre: Drama Thriller Detective Adventures

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 7.8

Director: David Fincher

Actors: Maykl Duglas, Sean Penn, Deborah Kara Unger, Dzheyms Rebhorn, Peter Donat, Kerrol Beyker, Anna Katharina, Armin Mueller-Stahl, Charles Martin, Yuji Okumoto, Scott Hunter McGuire

Budget: $ 50 million

Year: September 12, 1997 (World)

Download The Game

Download The Game full movie for free. Successful businessman Nicholas Van Orton is tired of life. When his father Nicholas was 48 years old, he committed suicide by jumping from the roof of the family house. Soon after the 48th birthday have to celebrate and Nicholas. Brother Nicholas Conrad, gives him a strange gift - a certificate for the use of the services of the company "entertainment service" offers its customers to play a game. Nicholas soon to visit the office of the firm and, after a series of psychological tests and signing the necessary papers, give their consent to participate in this game.

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Our Review:

To his forty-eighth birthday of Nicholas Van Orton (Maykl Duglas) is suitable confused feelings. On the one hand - it is successful and rich, and many envy him. On the other - it was at the same age my father Van Orton had committed suicide by jumping from the roof of his house, and he had enough of the life of Nicholas and misses. On the birthday of Nicolas gets from his brother Conrad (Sean Penn), a certificate for participation in the "game". No details about the actions of the birthday and can not know, the only thing he told former members - what they are, after the "Games" is very satisfied and have regained the taste of life. They say that America has long been popular these games in an alternate reality. And anyone can try out different scenarios. The hero of Michael Douglas epitomizes human feelings which, driven by events, jumping like a ping-pong table. Directed by David Fincher took his picture in a rather measured pace, because of which the impatient viewers action may seem overly lengthy. But despite the slowness of the narrative, and that the final, in general, fairly predictable, the film has turned a fascinating and intriguing. Undoubtedly, this is a landmark film that has become a benchmark of the genre. And with it will compare the idea and implementation of similar stories. The picture is complicated, thought-provoking about simple truths and ask yourself a question - how would you get through the day again? And a little bit jealous of those for whom "The Game" will start for the first time ...

User's Review:

Successful financier Nicholas Van Orton on his 48th anniversary, presents very strange gift to his brother Conrad, a rehabilitated drug addict. What can you give a man who has everything? Just the thrill of the game. Games that Nicholas could neither understand nor control, nor stop. He begins to find clues that he was told to always carry, but they will not fit. Until the right moment. Gradually he realizes that the games organizers pursue it and the trap can wait anywhere ... even in his own home. He is to believe only a cute waitress, a meeting which was apparently accidental. Or is it part of the game? The film shows that even a rich, powerful, self-confident person can experience fear and be afraid of death. When he is left with a couple of dollars in his pocket, he had to ask for the "ordinary" people for help, because this determines his fate. From prim rich man, he turns into a nervous man, and after and did forget about the money, and now life is more important. The film shows that we must never do not get hung up at work only to forget how beautiful life is and should appreciate every passing moment. Life can end at any moment. Money Never hug and did not show you love. Close people always support and take care of you. Even if you were the last snob, they cheer you and help you to look at life from the other side.

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