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The First Time

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Movie Length: 1:38

Genre: Drama Comedy Romance

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 6.9

Director: Dzhon Kezdan

Actors: Dylan O'Brien, Britt Robertson, Dzheyms Freshvill, Viktoriya Dzhastis, Craig Roberts, Maggie Elizabet Dzhons, Lamarkus Tinker, Kristin Teylor, Joshua Malina, Halston Sage


Year: February 7, 2013

Download The First Time

Download The First Time full movie for free. Romantic comedy about teenagers. Handsome Dave is hopelessly in love with the first school beauty. Charming Aubrey meets smug macho that she did not fit, but with whom she had for some reason decided to lose virginity. Suddenly, Aubrey and Dave are friends, who can complain to each other in a vest and complain about the vicissitudes of love. They do not notice that their tender friendship begins under the influence of a strong erotic power to turn into something more. The fact that every once happens for the first time and what happens later ridiculously remember. "The first time" - the second film director and screenwriter Dzhona Kezdana.

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Our Review:

"American Pie", but with a different sauce. Little sex, a lot of relationships and romance. Girls like it. Dave (Dylan About’Brian) wants to get the school beauty Jane (Viktoriya Dzhastis), but before the decisive explanation meets Aubrey (Britt Robertson), a strange and nice girl, not like anyone. Aubrey is already "grown man", but Dave is also very like it. This strange love polygon is constructed, in particular, on the fact that Dave and Aubrey had not yet had sex. But that's about to be. The only question is - who? "For the first time," I participated in the contest "Sundance 2012" and was, according to the individual emotional quotes ( "miracle", "diamond", "phenomenon") more or less from the heart praised by critics. What caused such a rapt interest in the picture of the first teenage sex, which anyway is mentioned in every other teen comedy? Perhaps the fact that the main quality of the story and its members - the sincerity and simplicity. And it is made in the same manner - true and simple, nothing more. (In some places, this unpretentious even harm because some storylines would not hurt to develop.) In this case, even the jokes that are exchanged between characters do not seem specially composed. A situation in which they find themselves (sometimes very stupid, like searching and putting on a condom), too, have a place to be. It is curious that one of the main characters in the film speaks itself "the first time", and the attitude of teenagers show more than detailed and witty. On the one hand, the "first time" - it is something sacred, something that needs to be done not only with the favorite, and with tried and true (and in the medical sense) person. On the other hand, hormones play, "then it will be cool", and most importantly, that "all have, and we have not." Something similar to matriculation. It is no accident in the film phrase is: "Whatever may be engaged in, just to do the math." A very vital point.

User's Review:

The film is simply awesome! I experienced throughout the film, was worried for the characters to the core as for themselves. The story is very sweet, kind, looks basically easy. I advise everyone! Easily relieves stress and leave only pleasant feelings, even a sense of numbness. Girls will be delighted!

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