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The Family Man

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Movie Length: 2:05

Genre: Drama Comedy Romance

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 6.7

Director: Brett Ratner

Actors: Nikolas Keydzh, Tea Leoni, Don Chidl, Dzheremi Piven, Saul Rubinek, Yozef Zommer, Makenzie Vega, Dzheyk Millkovich Ryan Millkovich, Lisa Thornhill

Budget: $ 60 million

Year: December 12, 2000 (World)

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Download The Family Man full movie for free. United States, 1987. Dzhek Kempbell (Nikolas Keydzh) breaks up with his first love Keyt Reynolds (Tea Leoni) and flies to London. After 13 years, he became a successful businessman, owner of a large company. On Christmas Eve, Jack meets a black stranger, and in the morning… He wakes up in a strange house in the same bed with Kate. From the next room ran out two children and a dog. And gradually, Jack realizes that he is no longer a businessman, he has a very ordinary job and all other life. The fate of the strange stranger gave Jack to choose what it more - career or family…

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User's Review:

Rowdy and merry American director Brett Ratner ( "Rush Hour," "After the Sunset"), specializing lifetime mainly on action comedy, all of a sudden in the year 2000 gave a beautiful, kind and clever Christmas story about family values ​​and the important choices that we all have to do once in your life. The main character of this story, Jack Campbell incredibly lucky, but not that he achieved success in life, became the president of a large investment company, drives a luxury Ferrari and lives in dorogushnyh apartments, but the fact that the fate of the most fantastic way gave him a chance, reconsider his life in a different light, to see how it might have been when he choose a time other way, do not be such an attractive and promising as seem at first glance, but on which he could have definitely find happiness . Well, the most important thing in what he was lucky - that's what he was able to make this choice again and see what is more important than a career or family warmth for him. Brett Ratner managed to create a first-class and an exemplary family film, at the same time a cheerful, festive, dramatic and deep, forcing many to understand yourself, and rethink the old truths. In the 80th and 90th different once the actor Nikolas Keydzh chose the highly successful and worthy projects, starting with the comedies ( "Raising Arizona"), gradually going to the drama ( "Leaving Las Vegas"), and finally consolidate later action hero ( "Con Air"). In the early 2000s, the taste has not yet let and "Family Man", perhaps one of his best acting work of this period, in which he almost did not last well showed his great acting talent, which is not related to his work since 2006 th ( "Ghost rider," "Season of the witch," and other "masterpieces"). What happened to him today, and how it can be removed in what is removed, alas, I can not understand. Lovely Tea Leoni ( "Hollywood Ending," "Bad Boys"), remarkably played that same girl, for the happiness with which it is possible and necessary to give up a lot of seductive in life, and for this role Leoni deservedly received the "Saturn" award in 2001 th. Pleased also Don Chidl ( "Hotel Rwanda," "Crash") in a small cameo magician Cash, brewed in this film all the mess with miracles, Dzheremi Piven ( "Rock-n-rollschik"), Saul Rubinek ( "True Love") and sexy Amber Valletta ( "Dead silence"). "Family Man" - one of those rare films that fills you in the holidays with warmth and feeling of absolute happiness.

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