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The Dark Side of the Sun

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Movie Length: 1:41

Genre: Drama romance

Country: USA, Canada, Yugoslavia

IMDB rating: 5.5

Director: Bozidar 'Bota' Nikolic

Actors: Guy Boyd, Brad Pitt, Cheryl Pollak, Konstantin Nitchoff, Milena Dravić, Gorik Popovich, Sonja Savić, Nikola Jovanović, Boro Begovic, Milan Sretenović


Year: December 21, 1988 (World)

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Free The Dark Side of the Sun movie torrent. Drama about how priceless each moment of our lives. The film's protagonist, Rick, with the birth of a mysterious disease struck - intolerance of light, like the sun, and electric. He is forced to always wear leather apparel and even he does not know what it looks like. But one day Rick meets a young actress who wins his heart. She pulls young man from eternal darkness toward adventure. Rick has only three days to learn the joy of life, and then show his face the dark side of the sun. Another chance will not, after all hope of recovery is lost forever.

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User's Review:

A touching drama of unrequited love for life with a young boy and a young Brad Pitt Guy Boyd starring. It clings to the soul of the plot, and a deep sense of virtual music. What is actually the dark side of the sun, a young guy Rik Kleyton (Brad Pitt) knows firsthand. Every minute spent in the rays, is rapidly approaching its death. Caring father (Guy Boyd) is doing everything to save the life of his son, afflicted with a terrible disease since birth. But the boy pretty tired of hiding from the light under a protective suit and mask to dine in complete darkness and only barred watch others partake of all the delights of life. Familiarity with the young actress Frances (Cheryl Pollak), with whom he falls in love at first sight, Rick puts a difficult choice. Remove the suit, and three days to enjoy life in full or until the end of her days remain desperate observer? The film "The Other Side of the Sun" was shot before the outbreak of hostilities in Yugoslavia, and when war broke out in the country, the film was lost. It was only in 1997, found the film and released in rent. However, during this time of life-affirming tape Bozidar 'Bota "Nikolic does not lose relevance. How ripe wine, it is impregnated with deep philosophical thoughts, succinct dialogue and a sense of the value of every moment of life. Without sentimental speeches, mind-blowing special effects and intricate plot crew gave the film world, illuminating sunlight impenetrable darkness of life, wasted on trifles.

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