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The Blind Side

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Movie Length: 2:09

Genre: Drama Biography Sport

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 7.7

Director: John Lee Hancock

Actors: Quinton Aaron, Sandra Bullock, Tim Makgrou, Dzhey Hed, Lili Kollinz, Ray McKinnon, Kim Dickens, Adriane Lenox, Keti Beyts, Katrin Dayer

Budget: $ 29 million

Year: June 1, 2010

Download The Blind Side

Download movie The Blind Side for free. Michael Ohr, a young African-American, once again deprived of property, and it takes under his wing provided by the family, of which he eventually became. Michael has tremendous growth and titanic force and begins to play for the school team in American football. Success in sports and studies allow him to get a scholarship athlete and enter the budget department in the University of Mississippi. The film is based on real events.

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Our Review:

Glazed polubiografiya American football player, "Baltimore Ravens" Michael Orr. Young African American Michael Or wanders the foster families in Memphis, Tennessee. When the difficult fate once again pushes him into the street, he comes to the aid of his friend's mother - a strong and independent konservatorsha designer Lee Ann Thuy Interior (Sandra Bullock). Or invited Thuy house and gradually poured into their family - despite the raised eyebrows of wealthy friends of Lee Ann. This is followed by success in school and join the school team in American football, where Michael soon reveals himself indispensable leader. But then his soul is born into question - whether stale konservatorsha sheltered his kindness and without calculation? I doubt it and the inspector of the national sports associations ... Surprisingly, Sandra Bullock, acting as a man-no-emotions-to-face for the picture has collected a whole collection of statuettes for Best Actress 2009. (Originally in its place we thought to invite Dzhuliyu Roberts, but, fortunately or not, refused). The tape itself was nominated for the American Academy in the "Best Film" category, but in the end nothing happened. The fate of Michael Hur, previously described in the book "The Blind Side: Evolution of the game", really curious and worthy of the film adaptation, but perhaps this is not the best attempt. The film, however, may be of interest to fans of the athlete and interested in the paradoxes of American culture. At the box office in the US, this tape is the number one sports dramas.

User's Review:

I arrived at last to this remarkable film, which in 2010 brought Sandra Bullock the coveted "Oscar" and "Golden Globe" and was also nominated for best film and the year. I will not say that it is very much it earned in the year, the actress is first class and is played of course a very worthy, but for my taste, all nominees of the year and have a great Helen Mirren ( "The Last Station"), and rising stars Keri Malligan ( "An Education"), and the great Meril Strip ( "Julie and Julia"), and especially in Gabourey "Gabby" Sidibe ( "Treasure") roles have been many times more powerful, more complex and more colorful, if it is objectively their compare. But, nevertheless, the movie "The Blind Side" I was very touched, and it's really heartfelt, and that it is important, based on real events in history, based on the book by Michael Lewis «The Blind Side: Evolution of the Game» about the homeless, which hit once secured in a respectable family, nurtured in him a future star after the NFL. It's a wonderful and touching drama about goodness, compassion and love, which is becoming smaller every year in our cynical society, about how important and necessary though sometimes a helping hand neighbor. The very history of cinema is not new ( "Radio," "Giant"), its morals, too, and like everything that's looks and digested several times, and the soul after viewing still sings in humanity again begin to believe, but if think about our younger generation, these films before they virtually do not get now, and if kinoakademiki their awards would not have attracted the world's attention to such tapes, then dust them for life on the shelves only at kinogurmanov. And, given the global box office of the tape, it looked huge number of people and the reviews for the most part only positive. Directed by John Lee Hancock, who shot sometime in 2002, the magnificent film "Beginner" with Dennis Quaid and wrote a brilliant screenplay for Klinta Istvuda "Perfect World" and "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" is very simple, easy to understand and fun to tell us about seems to be clear to everyone things, but at the same time accurately and hard beats us all of our pride and selfishness, recalling that credo "by itself" and "none of my business," no one ever brings happiness, how successful people did not look the part, and that would not be talking. Highly recommend this movie to watch all grow up and grow morally obligatory and compulsory.

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