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The Believer

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Movie Length: 1:42

Genre: Drama

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 7.2

Director: Genri Bin

Actors: Ryan Gosling, Sammer Feniks, Piter Medouz, Garret Dillahunt, Chris Eyvers, Dzhoel Garlend, Billi Zeyn, Theresa Russell, Dzhek Drammond, Sig Libovits

Budget: $ 1.5 million

Year: August 23, 2001

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Free The Believer movie torrent. When Danny was young, he studied at the Jewish school, was going to become a rabbi. But life turned out differently. As they get older boy more and more imbued with radical ideas. And, in the end, as is often the case, I came to deny all of their ideals - at 22, became a member of the neo-Nazi groups. He wants to cleanse society of Jewish corporate executives. But life is like a pendulum, and after a while looks Danny cease to be so extremist, he meets friends and once again remember God.

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User's Review:

Is there a personal history? Or - the only future that chooses ... The film begins with a parable about Abraham and his test of faith when God commanded to sacrifice his beloved son Isaac. Young, good-looking guy Danny Balint (Ryan Gosling), covered by a thirst for patriotism and lives a double life. All would be good, if he is not imbued with the ideology of skinheads, being a Jew by birth. The reason for that - an exception to the religious school for freedom of thought. Not really regret this, re-born Danny, at 22, proudly walking around with a shaved head and is respected in the gang of neo-Nazis. Here it is - a real king and god, deciding who should live, and to whom - to die. And it always poderzhat faithful companions, holding the streets under their own control. Living in a modern American city, he dreams about his own Third Reich and the Jews hate proclaims humility, by the example of a helpless old man, in front of which, the Nazis killed his son. Mental throwing lead to Denny's in-depth study of the sacred texts of the Pentateuch and the Torah, to know the "enemy" in the face as he explains his new friends. In search of the truth, well-read young man, with a sensual heart and tears in his eyes, beating on the streets of the "wrong" people, and it turns into a real rogues. It is symbolic that the film is based on real facts of the life of man, who was arrested at a meeting of the Ku Klux Klan, and what a surprise it was the police, when the man turned out to be ... thoroughbred Jew, many years keeping the secret of its origin, which was revealed during the investigation. Despite threats to commit suicide in the case of publication, the unusual story yet been published, with the result that he kept his word ...

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