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The Bank Job

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Movie Length: 1:51

Genre: Drama Thriller Crime

Country: US, UK

IMDB rating: 7.3

Director: Roger Donaldson

Actors: Dzheyson Steytem, ​​Saffron Burrows, Stiven Kempbell Moore, Daniel Mays, Dzheyms Folkner, Alki David, Maykl Dzhibson, Dzhordzhiya Teylor, Richard Lintern, Piter Boulz

Budget: $ 20 million

Year: March 27, 2008

Download The Bank Job

Free The Bank Job movie torrent. Owner unprofitable company for the sale of vehicles - Terry - who had an unpleasant conversation with creditors received an excellent offer from an old friend Martin. She invites him to rob a bank, and in one fell swoop solve all the financial problems. At the same time the idea of ​​the robbery comes from an employee of a secret service MI5, who wants to steal the dirt on the British royal family member of his personal cell. Terry agrees to the adventure and together with partners are doing to undermine the bank.

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User's Review:

Despite the fact that the film no special effects, no super-star, and what is happening in the film, in general, not sverhzahvatyvayuschee - reviewed this film three times. Something I dragged the adventures of these amateurs-hackers bank safes. Yes, they are not angels, but do not because of flaws in the "uppermost" and started this whole story? They do not overexposed supermen but ordinary petty thieves, not too successful in his business - but do so because we do not close and clear? All fool each other, except - except for these petty criminals - they do not lie to each other (with the exception of Martin). And - the most paradoxical - the thieves are almost the most honest in the whole story!

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