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The Art of Getting By

The Art of Getting By download movie.

Movie Length: 1:23

Genre: Drama romance

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 6.6

Director: Gavin Vesen

Actors: Freddi Haymor, Emma Roberts, Marcus Carl Franklin, Enn Daud, Maya Ri Sanchez, Bler Andervud, Ann Harada, Rita Wilson, Yarlat Conroy, Maykl Angarano


Year: January 23, 2011 (World)

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Download The Art of Getting By full movie for free. George (Freddi Haymor) - a real loafer and Losers, who, perhaps, never in my life did not do homework. The only thing he was really talented - it is painting. Once familiar with the popular guy in school girl named Sally (Emma Roberts). She sees a lonely Fataliste Dzhordzhe soul mate. If he will do the right thing, perhaps he will have a chance to really like her. And, probably, become even more for her than just a friend.

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User's Review:

When the pink children's dreams will be broken on the gray realities of a brutal life, when the first questions about the meaning of life will take immature minds of yesterday's children, and unknown senses absorb the head, tearing inside and elated at the same time. This means that childhood was over. And the world is so complex and beautiful, incredibly fascinating and infinitely ruthless opens his arms. Where yesterday's "you" will no longer exist. The company introduced the Fox Searchlight Pictures feature film "Homework" and «The Art of getting by», in the genre of the "other" cinema. This is a modern attempt to tell the story of a turning point, the moment of maturation. "We live alone and we die alone. Everything else is an illusion. So why spend the life to work, effort or struggle. For the sake of an illusion. After all, no friends, no girls, no conjugation of verbs, nor the square root of the hypotenuse will not help me avoid my fate. I know how best to spend their time…"With these words begins the story of George. One day George came to realize that the prospect of imminent death is inevitable, and his vain attempts are unlikely to change anything. He could not sleep, knowing all the pettiness of their own problems. When the background of such an important and terrible opening fades all around. So why do homework, at least it's pointless. Internal fatalist George picked up over the dreamy artist. Only strange scribbles, not devoid of charm and sheer talent, bred in the pages of the textbook, a vain echo of an abandoned child's dream. Once it was different, perhaps less unhappy. When the marriage of parents has not broken up into parts, confidently stating that "happily ever after" - a phrase out of the context of children's fairy tales. Confirming the inevitability of death and the illusory nature of everything. And George, depressed and detached, like a phantom, wrapped in a black cloak, left, fatally withdrawn into himself. So far in his life did not appear Sally. Self-confident, cheerful and sociable. Interested strangeness George Sally opens the ordinary world in a completely different light, awakening it to life. Without darkness there is no light, no sorrow - joy. And if a lot of thinking about the future and the long crazy. But Sally temporary companion in the turbulent flow of life. And the heart of George surely break in her gentle hands, thus emphasizing the fatality of life. Depressive tie did not make such a film. "Homework" looks easy and without haste tells the story of George fatalist. There is no deep drama, emotions and tears. Slow pace of the narrative gradually answers to questions like "why me", nearing the denouement of the plot and the choice of the protagonist. The outward simplicity and ease of the film, is a deep thought. The history of growing and difficult choices. Curious "movie" with pretensions to serious cinema. "Homework" claims that everything is possible if you really want in life. Despite the pain and frustration, we are subject to joy and happiness. But this lack bystanders and temporary companions of life. Without darkness there is no light, no sorrow - joy. Remove the rose-colored glasses and do not lose childhood dream by entering the path of maturation, it is much easier when there is someone. Especially comprehend such a science as to make ends meet, and the art of life ( «The art of getting by») is very, very difficult, but definitely possible. And who said that to grow up easily?

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