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Thank You for Smoking

Download movie Thank You for Smoking for free.

Movie Length: 1:32

Genre: Drama comedy

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 7.6

Director: Dzheyson Raytman

Actors: Aaron Eckhart, Maria Bello, Kameron Brayt, JK Simmons, William H. Macy, Robert Duvall, Sam Elliott, Dzhoan Landen, Keti Holms, Devid Kokner

Budget: $ 6.5 million

Year: November 9, 2006

Download Thank You for Smoking

Free download Thank You for Smoking movie. The main objective of lobbyist Nick is to promote smoking and cracking down with supporters to deal with it. The Art of Persuasion hero directed, including his old opponent - Senator Finnistera. On the one hand the work of Nick - is absurd. In addition, in an interview, he admits that he did not much believe in the fairness of judgments, which so vehemently defends. But an experienced lobbyist - a cynic for life and the promotion of death only in order to pay the bills.

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Our Review:

This often happens when the printed product gives a hundred points of its subsequent film adaptation. Maybe the point here is that Buckley released his book in the mid-90s, when American society tough question arose about smoking. Obviously, the novel was relevant and incriminating in those years. But over the past decade it has changed a lot. As the hero of the film Nick Naylor (Aaron Eckhart) - Who does not know that smoking is harmful? So that the film is strangely managed to take the place of "middling." He does not call to fight nicotine. However, he does not advocate smoking. An example of this - for the whole picture is not smoked a cigarette. Although, maybe it's such a fine directorial sarcasm. Today's work is directed by Dzheysona Reytmana did not even contain the usual gags and consists of a continuous, almost elusive, satire. From the category of English humor - intelligent, brilliant - but a smile rarely causes. Naylor - professional talker, a lobbyist from a consortium of tobacco manufacturers. He was even able to convince a cancer patient that his death only to manufacturers of tobacco harm. After all, if he was still alive, he would have smoked. Whereas for fighters with tobacco - each died of cigarettes - it becomes a strong argument. Agree, everything built so logical that even nothing to complain about. Nick shows his being the absolute human flexibility. The examples that he cites, make it a winner, not because it proves misperception opponents, but because it offers the audience a selection of imaginary freedom. Screen "merchants of death" - a friendly company of three people. This, apart from Nick, a lobbyist interests of the alcohol business and a representative of manufacturers of weapons. They meet once a week and arguing which of them is killing more people. According to statistics, the number one enemy - a cigarette. But who will believe the statistics? It has long been known that it is designed to manipulate the public consciousness. Psychologists say that most irrepressible human desire - a desire for death. That is why we choose to extreme sports, using drugs. What's really nothing to talk about smoking. Man is smoking, even if each cigarette pack will provide a big picture with skull and crossbones and "poison" the inscription. It is possible that from this we will become even stronger delayed.

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