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Struck by Lightning

Struck by Lightning download movie.

Movie Length: 1:30

Genre: Drama comedy

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 6.3

Director: Brian Denneli

Actors: Kris Kolfer, Ellison Dzhenni, Rebel Wilson, Christina Hendricks, Sarah Hyland, Karter Dzhenkins, Brad William Henke, Andzhela Kinsi, Dermot Malruni, Polly Bergen


Year: April 21, 2012 (World)

Download Struck by Lightning

Free download Struck by Lightning movie. One student Carson Phillips (Kris Kolfer) died from a lightning strike. The events of the film - his memories of how the guy wanted to get out of his small town to live in New York and work in the prestigious journal, and not to communicate every day with his eternally tipsy mother Sheril Fillips (Ellison Dzhenni) and classmates-idiots who Carson even tried to blackmail. Premiere of the film "Lightning" was held at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2012.

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User's Review:

It has become almost a classic in American films when it comes from a person who died a hero of the film. Well, this philosophy of eternal life and the immortal soul sounds inspiring, when all pending cases, all the ardor and the potential would find its logical conclusion in the next life, in other incarnations, and all unfinished business will be a wealth of experience in the development of searching, yearning, the suffering of the soul. Runs through the entire film the idea that we should still just live and enjoy life (no matter how corny it sounds), you have to be thankful for each new day, and then you learn how to fly. Otherwise, you're just pogryaznesh in gray swamp of everyday life and commitments. The whole town mired in the swamp, it is clear from the way adults and Administration College, and director dismiss Carson as of annoying flies. And its peers so far from "their flight" (figuratively speaking), that no bright idea does not attend their bright minds in the works for a literary publication Carson. Some agree to abandon his dream of becoming a ballerina, while others - just do not know how to dream. And Sheril Fillips, drinking mother who has a depression disorder of life seizes antidepressants and drowns in alcohol, easily, without thinking for a moment cherished dream killed his only son. She was confident that the higher you rise, the harder will be the fall, wanting to protect her son from disappointments in life from the perspective of their failures. Shooting star burned through the life of a teenager, and whether in anticipation of the end of Carson suddenly unconscious for itself notes that it is not seen the ocean. Finally it illumines the thought that even if dreams do not come true, then life goes on, the main thing is not to stop dreaming and go confidently to his dream and it is your ability to fly. But unfortunately, this revelation came to him too late, a lightning strike so suddenly cut short his life. But it is possible for this soul had just become aware of it and it's summed up the life of a teenager to the line. Ways of the Lord - inscrutable.

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