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Download movie Starman for free.

Movie Length: 1:55

Genre: Drama romance adventure fantasy

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 7.0

Director: Dzhon Karpenter

Actors: Dzheff Bridzhes, Karen Allen, Charles Martin Smith, Richard Dzhekel, Robert Phalen, Tony Edwards, John Uolter Devis, Ted Uayt, Dirk Blocker, M. K. Geyni

Budget: $ 24 million

Year: December 14, 1984 (World)

download Starman

Free download Starman movie. Leaving no efforts to find extraterrestrial life, people sent a message into space, to which the long-awaited answer comes: unknown civilization sends on green planet ship. US military aircraft hit by an unidentified object on the approaches to the Earth. Manages to survive only one newcomer. He sneaks into the house of a young widow Jenny and takes the appearance of her husband Scott - found a strand of hair of the deceased alien completely copy it at the genetic level. Now, the stranger must go in search of their fellow ship, which will be waiting for him at the appointed place at the appointed hour. With guest star team pursues military and researchers, but the newly-born Scott did not give up. With him in the path he takes Jenny to which soon begins to experience a warm feeling.

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User's Review:

Wonderful fantastic! Without killing, without shooters. But wonderful with a fascinating history. Maybe a little naive. But better that than endlessly militants. The Americans shot down the alien ship. But inoplanetenin remains alive and is transformed into a dead husband through all the periods of the formation of a person (from newborn to humans). he did on earth wants only to return home.

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