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Movie Length: 1:56

Genre: Drama thriller thriller crime

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 7.2

Director: Jan de Bont

Actors: Kianu Rivz, Dennis Hopper, Sandra Bullock, Dzho Morton, Dzheff Deniels, Alan Ruck, Glenn Plummer, Richard Laynbek, Beth Grant, Hotorn Dzheyms

Budget: $ 30 million

Year: June 10, 1994 (World)

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Speed ​​download movie. Somewhere in Los Angeles unknown terrorist mines in high-rise building elevator with passengers and demands a ransom of three million dollars, but the valiant guards take measures in time, as a result - people saved, and the offender as if dead. However, after some time, he declared once again - this time an amateur radio-controlled bombs, sets it in the bus under number 2525. The bomb will explode if the bus speed drops below 50 miles per hour. To help the hostages comes intelligence personnel Dzhek Treyven (Kianu Rivz), who already had experience with this terrorist. He, his desperate fellow traveler (Sandra Bullock) in the driver's seat and a dozen passengers - by all means try to survive the bomb on wheels. The film, winner of two Oscars, became a starter on the line for world recognition for actress Sandra Bullock.

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User's Review:

Quite surprisingly upscale operator Jan de Bont, on account of which include such iconic tape as "Die Hard" and "Basic Instinct," has worked with masters such as Ridli Skott ( "Black rain"), Dzhoel Shumaher ( "Flatliners"), Richard Donner ( "Lethal weapon 3") and of course Paul Verhoeven, with whom he broke into the Hollywood of the native of the Netherlands, issued in the 94th year densely charged and hurricane fighter that even the Quentin Tarantino in an interview called exemplary in its genre. In its structure, "Speed" is definitely reminiscent of the iconic "Die Hard," "Under Siege" with Steven Seagal, "Bomb Squad" with Jeff Bridges and many other of the confrontation of terrorists and police film, which was filmed at one time is not enough, but Jan de Bont found some its original approach to the trivial like the plot, and the operator's experience played an important role, since part of the entertainment, spectacular tricks and virtuoso shooting "speed" will sweep the road a lot of today's fighters, so that only costs the famous scene of the bus trip across the bridge. This is one of those rare films of the genre action, which can not look calmly, and after now 18 years old, he is gaining momentum and holds the viewer's attention in the highest suspense until the very climax, and this is probably the case when you can almost get extreme pleasure, just sitting on the couch at home. Quite unusual and interesting course was to attract a major role Keanu Reeves ( "The Devil's Advocate," "Sweet November"), which is only one at that time had experience in a similar genre in the film '91 "Point Break", but after his brilliant performance as a policeman Jack Treyvena in "Speed" boevichkov in his filmography noticeably frequent. But the most memorable is of course the brilliant Dennis Hopper in the role of a vengeful, inventive and kooky terrorist Howard Payne, who will go to the end and will not spare anyone for their own sinister purposes. Well said of himself and a young Sandra Bullock ( "The Blind Side," "Crash"), bringing into the film a great sense of humor and romantic line with the hero Keanu Reeves, is a favorite of the public, that later in the 2002nd even an entire advertising campaign has been built on it their joint film "The Lake House". "Speed" deservedly grabbed two awards and one nomination for "Oscar" in the 95th (that militants a miracle), 2 awards of the British Academy Award and "Saturn" for Best Actress. In 2007, the year of Jan de Bont tried to repeat the success of his debut film, having started sequel titled "Speed ​​2: Control of the cruise" with Sandra Bullock in the lead role, but the film was booed and was a failure at the box office, although, in my opinion he was not so bad. For all the fans to tickle your nerves, missed this masterpiece once, the movie "Speed" will be a great gift and memorable pastime.

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