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Free Skyfall movie torrent.

Movie Length: 2:23

Genre: Drama Action Adventure

Country: US, UK

IMDB rating: 7.8

Director: Sam Mendes

Actors: Deniel Kreyg, Javier Bardem, Dzhudi Dench, Reyf Fayns, Ben Uishou, Naomie Harris, Albert Finney, Berenis Marlo, Helen Makkrori, Ola Rapace, Tonia Sotiropolo

Budget: $ 200 million

Year: October 26, 2012

download Skyfall

Free download Skyfall movie. Dzheyms Bond (Deniel Kreyg) continues to work for British intelligence. However, the circumstances are such that the fidelity Bond personally checks M (Dzhudi Dench). After all, under the threat of the entire service of MI6, and only 007 able to eliminate the danger posed by the "Quantum" of the international organization. In 2012, it was 50 years since the first Bond in 1962. Editorial [email protected] on this occasion produced a commemorative infographic on bondiane.

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Our Review:

23rd James Bond film, shot on the eve of the 50th anniversary of life on-screen character, for the first time in many years, a staggering novelty and drama hardball. At a regular job in Istanbul Bond (Craig) pursues long bad man, who stole a hard drive with an extremely sensitive and important information for the UK. With the help of satellite communications for the operation should be separated MI6 and personally own M (Dench), which this time is ready to sacrifice a favorite agent for the benefit of his native state. At some point what happens: the thief hiding, Bond falls, struck by a bullet and friendly, and for a long time flying with bridge in a mountain river. On the screen to melt the classic James Bond titles under the excellent title track singer Adele. Setting failed, James supposedly dead, and British intelligence is undergoing a major crisis in history. And yet in the heart of London, next Mr. Evil cheekily blows MI6 offices, survivor Bond drinks firmly in Turkish backwater, replacing picnic in beach eatery work superspy. Since the output "Casino "Piano""The world has got used to the fact that the person gained 007 Daniel Craig, and the franchise has moved to a more realistic art. Come out then, "Quantum of Solace" has not always been merciful to his audience, for killing slowly Bond his inherent humanity - thanks largely to the presence next to him is not clear why vyuzhennoy of commercials Olga Kurylenko. However, with the arrival of Sam Mendes series, directed not only well-known "American Beauty", but also know a lot about drama theater-goer, nabivshego hand on Shakespearean productions, the situation swerved in an unexpected direction. Returning to the franchise temporarily left the action Q and Moneypenny, Bond Mendez managed to move into the world of the past, which directly causes collision with the present. Create a dramatic situation where Bond played by Craig looks for the first time alive and vulnerable person. Playing with genres and reaching the final frightening resemblance to the one of the main directors of the '70s, whose name is better not to call, not to create a spoiler, Mendes was able to construct a real cinematic feast, leaving a long aftertaste. Not to mention the fact that the issue has long been the choice of facing a hero, did not dare to so unspeakably proper English refinement.

User's Review:

Remember how in some movies the characters are inserted 2 key in the lock and simultaneously turn them until it clicks? Until it clicks, which means that the actions were carried out simultaneously. So, in the 23rd James Bond episode - "007" Skayfoll "Coordinates" each member of the project, starting with the director and ending extras in the crowd, acting in unison with the others. Professionalism is felt in everything - in directing, in thought-through scenarios in acting - both seasoned artists and actors of the second plan, in the selection of locations, staged scenes and battles in a variety of tricks, accompanied by music. As a result of joint creative work of many talented people get amazing dynamic thriller with elements of drama, detective comics. Tone "Skayfollu" almost from the beginning sets the title Skyfall musical composition performed by British singer Adele. Grammy laureate of numerous awards in his deep voice literally envelops and immerses the audience in the bottom of the river contain with a sinking line 007. The piercing of the sky falling - literally and figuratively - cast doubt on the happy outcome of cases. However, as it happens in moments of utter despair, the same Adel assures us: "Together we would like to organize." And you begin to believe and she and James Bond, who at that time in an animated introduction to the film jumps around the screen and firing in all directions in time to the music. Entry - musical and visual - made in the tradition of James Bond is enough to leave the theater fully satisfied. At this time, duty and destiny throw 007, and along with us to China and Turkey, and, of course, in the UK. Winding streets of Istanbul replaced recognizable sights of London, which, in turn, gradually transformed into a futuristic high-rise buildings in Shanghai, to finally turn into a picturesque mountain ranges in Scotland. All the scenes of fights, chases and stalking, as well as the tricks carried out taking into account the locations, whether it's a stone castle in Scotland, with its centuries-old secrets, Shanghai skyscraper with high-speed elevator or Istanbul's famous Grand Bazaar. Bond fight with the enemy on the roof of a high-speed passenger train at the beginning of the film causes fidgeting in place and pretty smile all conceived stunt. By the way, watching this episode, I can not help recalling the scene of the battle ships in the "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End" when Will Turner, Elizabet Suon asks for the hand - so all actions harmoniously. And, most importantly, it is not clear - which at this point is the operator, because it gives the impression that the transmission of the image comes from all angles simultaneously. I think in IMAX theaters visual and special effects will look at all stunning. The plot of "Skayfolla" is that of the office of MI6 in Istanbul lost hard disk with important information; in the headquarters office in London terrorist attack, forcing headquarters urgently change their place of deployment. For several reasons, it is clear that the threat is not directed by a foreign enemy, but from within. In connection with recent events, the highest power British expressed disbelief chapter MI6 M, which under the circumstances can rely only on the 007 and only operative personnel - Eve Moneypenny. The third time, bring to the screen the image of a British intelligence agent James Bond Daniel Craig had the honor. He knows how in a flash of an unshaven and hurt life frequenter of bars turn into collected and astute intellectual agent confirms his talent for reincarnation. With the controversial appearance, Craig wins his charisma, sense of inner strength, gentility. The grace of a wild beast, which was released on the hunt - an integral part of the way an agent of His Majesty, established actor. His movement is as restrained as it is elegant. To fight and bet in the casino, shoot and miss on the target, wearing a tuxedo and get drunk in bars - all this turns out at Craig-Bond harmoniously and tastefully. It is with his arrival in the 007 franchise has become a real hero - he was hurt when he was hit, his hands were shaking with booze and he, like any man, easily offended. Possessing the skills of close combat and shooting of the latest generation of weapons, he easily beat out of you by means of nonsense of the case with four million euros and promazhet cup from an old hunting rifle, god knows how many years pylivshegosya idle. And it looks incredibly natural in all circumstances. Craig is very good jokes. They, incidentally, much as with his hand, and from the other characters that animates incredibly tense atmosphere. Once Speaking of humor, should pay attention to the most important joker and antagonist Bond - Silva embodied on the screen a magnificent Haverom Bardemom. The actor managed to create a very ambiguous image of the hero, which are afraid that admire and sympathize with that. Committing a crime, dealing with Bond and M, Silva joked all the time, what is incredibly reminiscent of another evil genius - Joker played by Heath Ledger. His demeanor Silva is quite grotesque, but no less dangerous villain, which makes it similar to the Joker even more evident. But of course, this is not a parody and imitation of Hitu Ledzheru, maybe it is just my imagination. With all possible sympathy for the character, motivation to action which is full of drama, however, you realize that it must be stopped. Dzhudi Dench has been played for the seventh time the head of MI6, M - the head with an iron character and lady skillfully uses his charm, despite the delicate age. In the 23rd episode of the James Bond M has demonstrated not only the talents of an experienced official, but also remembered what it means to work "in the field". Reyf Fayns, whose appearance on the screen in any way brings joy to the eyes of admirers of his acting genius, playing the director of the Intelligence and Security Committee - Mallory. He's capable of doing, confirming popular wisdom - "still waters run deep." Naomie Harris, who even with rotten teeth in "Pirates of the Caribbean" was incredibly sexy, here and at all stunning in the role of assistant to Bond - Moneypenny. Famously chasing a jeep "bad guys" and wrecking the everything in its path, it can have so Throw - literally and figuratively - that already captures the spirit. An allusion to the return of her character in the next episode, very inspiring. It is impossible not to write about the "Bond girl" - this time by the French model and actress - Berenis Marlo. Exotic appearance of the actress, inherited from her father's half-Cambodian, Chinese and half-French mother makes a variety of sexual conquest of James Bond. Screen time Berenice went to mere crumbs, but in order to once again demonstrate that the agent of British intelligence, nothing human is alien, is enough. Actually, between you and me, to become Bond girl - the same, what to buy a one way ticket. Sam Mendes, the main hero of the occasion, worthy of applause for an amazing story, which he gave to all the fans of James Bond. As practice shows, are important to the success of the project all its components, but the most important person on the set anyway - director. And that's it for the "007" Skayfoll Coordinates "" I sing the glory.

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