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Download movie Serpico for free.

Movie Length: 2:10

Genre: Drama Romance Biography Crime thriller

Country: US, Italy

IMDB rating: 7.8

Director: Sidni Lyumet

Actors: Dzhek Kihou, Al Pacino, Dzhon Rendolf, Biff McGuire, Barbara Eda-Young, Cornelia Sharpe, Tony Roberts, Dzhon Medichi, Allan Rich, Norman Ornellas


Year: December 5, 1973 (World)

download Serpico

Free download Serpico movie. The film shows 12 years (from 1960 to 1972-th) in the life of a New York cop Frank Serpico (Al Pacino), who wants to honestly do their job and to benefit society. It perfectly fulfills all the tasks, fighting with the criminals, but gradually realizes that his colleagues are not too "clean the hands." The police commit violence, drug peddling, corruption is rampant in the management. Upon learning this, Frank struck, he wants to expose the irresponsible police. But as soon as there are problems at work - he was beginning to threaten, intimidate. Will the Frank courage to bring his noble cause to the end?

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User's Review:

"Serpico" refers to a category of movies where there is a struggle between the principles, foundations, traditions and habits. The film, which shows the life of a man released against the system, to challenge her. The film, where a well-established system of corruption, turned into tradition, faced with the only person not wishing to measure this, the person is ready to fight for the eradication of corruption from the system, a person embodies a "portrait of the police" in the performance of Al Pacino - has become a classic. "Serpico" is based on real events that occurred with Frank Serpico, it enters service the police in New York. Frank Serpico - an honest, conscientious person who wants to be a real police officer, incorruptible and ensuring rule of law in society. But being translated into a patrol agents, Serpico faced with the real situation in the police department, where a large-scale corruption flourishes among police web. This web had everything from the ordinary to the top leadership of the patrol police. These are the most corrupt police officers engaged in racketeering, drug trafficking and protection of pimps and drug dealers. This web of corrupt so deeply settled in the police system that is ready to eliminate all those who try to go against this corrupt system. Serpico only one who refuses to get involved in this web of corruption and begin to deal with it, to eradicate this evil in the form of corruption. Courage and unwavering faith in his principles of honest cop. The fight against evil almost not worth living. The result is insufficient for the total eradication of corruption from law enforcement and from the brain most greedy people whose wallets are lighter. Insufficient to police colleagues treated without charity and outright hostility. But enough of that in subsequent years, for the next generation to be a shining example of honesty, perseverance in the principles and integrity. Thereby eventually eradicated the evil in the form of corruption. But the meaning of the film is possible that only one person is unable to deal with the whole system and as a result suffers unconditional defeat. "Serpico" has become synonymous with an honest cop. "Serpico" is also associated with an unshakable faith in his beliefs and principles. The struggle for the defense of these beliefs and principles.

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