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Movie Length: 1:57

Genre: Drama comedy fantasy fiction

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 6.1

Director: Endryu Nikkol

Actors: Al Pacino, Ketrin Kiner, Benjamin Salisbury, Vaynona Rayder, Darnell Williams, Dzhim Resh, Ron Perkins, Dzhey Mor, Evan Reychel Vud, Dzheffri Pirs, Dzheyson Shvartsman, Elias Koteas


Year: January 13, 2003

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Free S1m0ne movie torrent. Directed by Victor Taranski going through hard times. Flighty actress Nicola refuses to finish the game in his new film, shooting for which the hero has laid all of his possessions. Finish the job is not possible, and Victor falls into despair. He had almost lost hope in the future, when he meets a terminally ill-genius programmer Hank. He bequeaths the director deal last years of his life - a computer program, which is the first to perfect the virtual simulator. With it Taranski creates a virtual actress Simone finishes and releases the film with her participation. Their appearance and actor Simon data affects the audience, which, of course, intrigued by its total secrecy.

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User's Review:

"Simon" - quite unusual, intelligent and interesting fantastic drama talented director Endryu Nikkola ( "Lord of War", "Gattaca"), remove them by his own script in the 2002nd year. Victor Taranski once known and successful director experiencing difficult times of his new project eliminated capricious main star Nicola Anders, after most of the film already filmed and retake all there has neither the means nor the time and what has been done, Victor I put the last of his money and even his house. The producer and director of the studio, as well as his ex-wife Ileyn Kristian breaks the contract with him, and the poor guy Victor is quite irrelevant. One day he comes to a terminally ill programmer Hank Alino, who suddenly gives Viktor its latest development - the computer program «S1mulation 0ne», with which you can create a virtual person. Figure out what's what, Victor creates with the help of this wonderful program and a virtual perfect actress, which combines the best features of many prominent movie stars, Simon gives her name and to finish his film since her participation. Creation Victor is a runaway success, the audience thrilled and loves Simon, journalists dream of an exclusive interview, and producers vying to stand in a queue to get her and Victor, well, he, in turn, strongly heats the interest of the masses, hiding as soon as possible from all the truth . Each new film Simone causes delight, she received the "Oscar", did not appear at the ceremony, and thanks to everyone for the award through the Internet, journalists and vengeance already begin to dig in and find out the cause of the mystery of the "outstanding" actress. With the help of Viktor program arranges all sorts of space bridges and even a virtual concert Simone at the large stadium in Los Angeles, telling everyone in her reality, but then realizes that he had gone too far and does not see already this world around, but to get rid of now from the favorite of millions will also be not so easy. Endryu Nikkol through this original idea rather sharply and sarcastically shows how blind and limitless love is a mass audience to their idols and how much today the influence of mass media on modern man. As well shows and the internal kitchen of filmmaking and how the changed relationship between the producer, director and actor of today, and if before the main on-site was still the director and his vision for the movie, but now it has become just hired and has no worker's rights to vote, who is torn between the desires and whims of the customer and the project's main star. Great and unparalleled Al Pacino ( "Every Sunday", "Real") once again gave his signature on the screen master class and brilliantly played does not fit the modern rules of the game harried director Victor Taranski. The company around him crept most worthy of the wonderful Ketrin Kinner ( "unnecessary things") in the role of his ex-wife and studio director Elaine, young Evan Reychel Vud ( "Across the Universe"), which played a lane, the daughter of Victor, Pruitt Taylor Vince ( "The Legend of the Pianist ") as meticulous and arrogant zhurnalyugi Maksa Seyera, Elias Koteas (" Crash ") in the form of dying programmer Hank Alino, Vaynony Rayder (" Autumn in New York "), Jason Schwartzman (" Rushmore "), and of course chic Canadian Centerfolds Rachel Roberts, very Dost but Simon played, which, incidentally, has been nominated for this role on "Saturn" award in 2003 and it. "Simon" - an exciting, spectacular and very thin film, making you once again to think about the real and unreal in our lives.

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