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Reindeer Games

Download Reindeer Games full movie for free.

Movie Length: 1:44

Genre: Drama thriller thriller crime

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 5.7

Director: Dzhon Frankenhaymer

Actors: Ben Affleck, Geri Siniz, Charlize Theron, Dzheyms Freyn, Dana Stubblefield, Ayzek Heyz, Donal Logue, Denni Treho, Dennis Farina

Budget: $ 34 million

Year: February 24, 2000 (World)

Download Reindeer Games

Free download Reindeer Games movie. After six years in prison, inmates Rudy Duncan (Ben Affleck) and Nick (Dzheyms Freyn) is finally ready for release. Listening to all this time the stories about Nick's girlfriend, Ashley (Charlize Theron), with which he conducted a long conversation, but I've never seen Rudy dreams of returning to his family. But after Nick killed during a prison riot, Rudy decides to impersonate him and meet Ashley. Only now he does not know that Ashley had sent a band of robbers who really need Nick, versed in the security system of the casino robbery of which is planned. Gambling begin.

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User's Review:

This strong, dynamic and entangled thriller set in the year 2000, two years before his death, an outstanding director and Hollywood classic Dzhon Frankenhaymer ( "The candidate of Manchuria", "Ronin") from a screenplay talented Ehren Kruger ( "Road to Arlington") . Rudy Duncan - kind, trusting and the right guy, who spent foolishly in prison for stealing a car its due time. His friend of Nick's camera, as well as Rudy should soon have to release, but suddenly in prison disassembly kill him. Nick previously for a long time led the love correspondence with a certain Gabriel, with whom had never met, and leaving on freedom, Rudy decides to pass himself off as Nick, and for fun, meet a mysterious girl. And from that moment the former convict immediately gets into the vortex of rapid events, where he will be a small pawn in the game slozhnovystroennoy different machinations and intrigues, and before starting a new life in the wild Nick has yet to definitively deal with the old. This film is quite powerful sworn highbrow critics and failed miserably at the box office, although the reasons for such a sharply negative attitude to the tape Frankenheimer I personally do not clear. Excellent and subtly thought-out plot, a spectacular action with explosions, robbery and shooting, a lot of fine actors and stylish camera work, there is all that is necessary to fans of the genre and in the right proportions, this movie is a pleasant surprise, fine tickle nerves and really entertaining, not claiming absolutely masterpiece and any film awards. Ben Affleck ( "Dogma," "City of Thieves") - an actor, of course, not outstanding, but interesting, and the role of the confused life and accidental convict Rudy him, in my opinion, was a success, and he is not jumping at least above the head, frame it convincing. Luxury Charlize Theron ( "North Country," "Waking Up in Reno") in the role of the treacherous temptress insanely pretty and great changes masks for film, masterfully balancing the positive and negative images of her character Gabrielle. Very bright ensemble braced on the sidelines, where flashed charismatic Geri Siniz ( "Forrest Gump", "Redemption"), Denni Treho ( "Desperado," "From Dusk Till Dawn"), Dennis Farina ( "Get Shorty"), Denis Frain ( "where the heart is"), Donald Log ( "Patriot"), and superkinomany spotted here young and then unknown to anyone Ashton Kutcher ( "The butterfly effect"). "Gambling" - Great, bright and high-quality film attraction for thrill and spend pleasant evenings.

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