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Reds download movie.

Movie Length: 3:15

Genre: Drama Romance Biography History

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 7.5

Director: Uorren Bitti

Actors: Uorren Bitti, Dayan Kiton, Edward Herrmann, Ezhi Kosinski, Dzhek Nikolson, Paul Sorvino, Morin Steyplton, Nicolas Coster, M. Emmet Walsh, Yen Vulf

Budget: $ 35 million

Year: December 3, 1981 (World)

download Reds

Free download Reds movie. World War I. American journalist, writer, socialist, the author of books about the October Revolution in Russia "Ten Days That Shook the World" Dzhon Rid (Uorren Bitti) meets with a married Luizoy Briant (Dayan Kiton). Soon, the woman finally leaves her husband for her lover. The pair is in Russia in 1917, in the midst of revolutionary events, and returns home determined to repeat the experience in the US kommuistov. The painting "Red" received three "Oscar" and two BAFTA awards. The film is based on the memoirs of Dzhona Rida.

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