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Raising Helen

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Movie Length: 1:59

Genre: Drama Comedy Romance

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 6.0

Director: Garry Marshall

Actors: Keyt Hadson, Dzhon Korbett, Dzhoan Kyusak, Hayden Panettiere, Spencer Breslin, Abigail Breslin, Helen Mirren, Sakina Dzheffri, Kevin Kilner, Felicity Huffman


Year: June 17, 2004

Download Raising Helen

Raising Helen download movie. After the death of her sister and her husband, Helen goes to taking care of three nephews: teenager Audrey Kenny ten and very young Sarah. Be an assistant director of the modeling agency is not easy, and take care of the fallen with young relatives even harder sky. Therefore, it is necessary to spin like a squirrel in a wheel. And then there was a sudden and tempestuous affair with a local pastor Dan.

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User's Review:

Recently I saw the film "Raising Helen" with Keyt Hadson memorable in the title role. old movie was filmed in 2004. The plot includes three different genres: drama, comedy and melodrama course. Looks at one go, and is also suitable for family viewing. Life, touching, emotional film. The director of the movie is Garry Marshall, who earned a pretty good authority. On account of his many excellent works that will never go from the memory of the audience. It is such pictures as "Overboard," "Pretty Woman" and "Runaway Bride." Admittedly, that probably without Keyt Hadson, "Raising Helen," would not this funny and touching. Her Helen incredibly charismatic personality - on the one hand, we have graceful flirt rotating in fashion circles and rapidly conducting his youth, and on the other - very sincere and understanding person who is deeply accepted the posthumous desire sister and bold enough to go to the change in life for the execution of his duty. Throughout the film, we will witness the curious metamorphosis that will happen to our heroine, and Hudson amazing copes with the role of a very thin and perfectly reincarnated in his character. Personally, I love this actress - probably just like her famous mother, actress Goldi Houn, because her talent she owes her. No wonder during the filming of "Raising Helen," Marshall constantly found a similarity Hudson with his mother, because he once worked with Hawn in the famous movie "Overboard" - the same smile, the same charisma and the same ability to be funny and at the same time seksualnoy.I most importantly, I believe that in front of me on the screen of an ordinary American family with an unusual mother led. Surfing school, tying shoelaces, closing teenage parties - everything in life. It looked really: a human tragedy, the memory of dead relatives, formation and maturation of the youngest characters in the movie. This movie worth watching. It's about how to grow, not only children but also adults. I think the film is excellent, though! On the one hand the painting "Raising Helen" may seem too corny and sentimental, but on the other hand, if you take a closer look good and feel its history, the tape can be easily seen very significant and emotional themes that captivate with their sincerity. In principle, nothing new to us this movie does not open, but Marshall is so cute and charmingly conveys the material that the film rests on the viewer's perception is incredibly warm, easy and infinitely touching.

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