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Proof of Life

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Movie Length: 2:15

Genre: Drama Thriller Action Adventure

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 6.2

Director: Taylor Hackford

Actors: Meg Ryan, Rassel Krou, David Morse, Pamela Reed, Devid Karuzo, Entoni Hild, Stanley Anderson, Gotfrid Yon, Alun Armstrong, Maykl Kichen

Budget: $ 65 million

Year: December 4, 2000 (World)

Download Proof of Life

Download movie Proof of Life for free. Terry Thorn - a former employee of the security services, is now engaged in wage work in the world's trouble spots. Thorn - the liberator of those who had been captured by various terrorist groups. His hire companies and governments, people who find themselves in such a desperate situation. One day a young woman turns Thorne Alisa Bouman, whose husband was kidnapped in one of the countries in South America. The company, which employs stolen, can not pay the insurance for the occasion, so the only hope for poor women - Terry. But it requires proof of life, confirming that the hostage is still alive.

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User's Review:

This intense and exciting thriller in the year 2000 took the iconic and outstanding director Taylor Hackford ( "Devil's Advocate", "Ray") from a screenplay is not a lesser-known Tony Gilroy ( "Maykl Kleyton"), based in turn on the eponymous book by Thomas Hargrova . The plot of this movie is twisted around Elis Boumen, the charming wife of Peter Bowman, a professional builder of dams, which comes together with her husband to a new residence in a southern African country, where Peter's new order. One column of cars in the city is ambushed by the rebels, and Peter by chance captured as hostages, as a representative of the oil company, which is struggling with the local Liberation Army. Peter employers hire specialist talks and former Australian soldier Terri Torna, but Peter insurance may not cover the cost of services and the Thorne leaves. Ellis desperate appeals to the local negotiator, which in turn offers to pay $ 50,000 to the rebels, but at the last moment the deal intervenes returned back to Terry, who is developing a plan for the release of Peter. This is certainly not the best film Hackford Taylor, when compared with his masterpieces, but if you look at it as a separate product and not wait for the film more than it suggests the genre, you'll get an exciting and entangled, not without a very dramatic and sometimes romantic line thriller with a strong storyline, detailed display of the most interesting work of negotiators, spectacular camera work and the outstanding actors in the lead roles. For the brutal and multifaceted Rassela Krou ( "The Insider," "A Beautiful Mind") "Proof of Life" was just the next film after the resounding success of the viewer with the epic Ridli Skotta "Gladiator", and in this film it is no less skillfully played a man stuffed to bursting with all manhood. But the adorable Meg Ryan ( "French Kiss," "City of Angels"), on the contrary, changed roles, glorified her romantic heroine, and more dramatically than usual, played here bewildered woman in a difficult situation. Very worthy revealed himself and David Morse ( "The Green Mile," "Dzhon Adams") as accidental hostage Peter, badly losing weight and torment yourself diets for this role, as well as the joy of the Russian audience is lit up and our compatriots Alexander Baluev ( "Feast ") and Dmitry Shevchenko (" The Road "). "Proof of Life" - captured and soundly to the best action-packed movie, watching which I personally was absolutely not a pity to spend a half-hour of his life.

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