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Free download Populaire movie.

Movie Length: 1:51

Genre: Drama comedy

Country: France

IMDB rating: 6.9

Director: Regis Roynsar

Actors: Romen Dyuris, Debora Fransua, Berenis Bezho, Shaun Benson, Melanie Bernier, Nicolas Bedos, Miou-Miou, Eddie Mitchell, Frederik Pero, Feodor Atkin, Jeanne Koendi, Marius Kolluchchi

Budget: 13 million €

Year: January 31, 2013

download Populaire

Download Populaire full movie for free. Romantic comedy about a typist. Rose lives in the province with his father, betrothed to the most profitable groom their town, and, seemingly, it is ordained quiet quiet life housewives. However, everything changes when she meets a handsome Louis: together they will conquer the whole world. "Love at Your Fingertips" - the debut film of director and writer Régis Roynsara.

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Our Review:

French sports-romantic comedy in retro style. Easy and pleasant nostalgic film, which does not harm the predictability of the plot, but it lacks a little real passion. Simple provincial girl Rose (François) is not attracted by the prospect to marry the best guy in the village. She, like many of her compatriots, dreams of a brilliant career as a secretary in Paris. And her dream is coming true - Woman taking on the typing courses, and after distributing it hits the young Louis office of the insurer (Dyuris). Parisian self-confidence does not really like the Rose typing - fast, but with only two fingers and too loud. And indeed he does not see it as a good secretary. Now, if only she would agree to the proposal… But no, this is not what thought poor rosette and the audience with her. Louis offers his secretary to take part in competitions for high speed typing and always win them. And here are a couple starts to persistent trainings, which include even piano lessons, which gives Rose wife of a friend of her boss Marie (Bejo). "Love at Your Fingertips" - painting, organically combines several genres. This romantic retrokomediya, sentimental takes us back to the times of "Umbrellas of Cherbourg", and sports melodrama, and even alternative history. Secretary in 50 years are presented here as a representative of the most popular and desirable profession for speed typing competition evokes passion no less than football, and their winners are famous as a movie star, and do not go to the covers of glossy magazines. The rest can not but admire, with some diligence and recreated the era, such as how many typewriters the time collected from all over Europe in a single frame. No less impressive are the cars and - they are displayed unobtrusively, but the feeling is that for the sake of an endless stream of old-timers, the current on the sunny streets of Paris, the filmmakers have mobilized several car museums. The rest of the movie Regis Ruansara, debutant consonant with the name of the profession, is simply the easy and pleasant nostalgic movie, cute, light-hearted and full of bright hopes, like the era on which he reports. No particularly unexpected plot twists are not expected. Rose fell in love with his office Pygmalion and will try every way to get his attention, and he certainly can not stand.

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