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Phenomenon download movie.

Movie Length: 2:03

Genre: Drama fantasy

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 6.4

Director: Dzhon Torteltaub

Actors: John Travolta, Kira Sedzhvik, Forest Whitaker, Robert Duvall, Dzheffri Demann, Richard Kayli, David Gallagher, Ashley Bukkill, Toni Dzhenaro, Sean O'Brien

Budget: $ 32 million

Year: July 3, 1996 (World)

download Phenomenon

Free Phenomenon movie torrent. Friendly mechanic Dzhordzh Melli (Travolta) is hopelessly in love with a charming girl, recently moved to his town. But she does not want to tie the next novel and innate modesty prevents the man to take the plunge. We can only hope for a miracle,… which will soon occur. During the celebration of its 37th Rozhedniya George's Day watching the unusual and bright flash of light, and the next day it starts to make predictions of impending disaster. He realizes that the mysterious power bestowed its unique mental abilities and telekinesticheskimi. George tries to use his increased intelligence for the benefit of society. And, of course, to conquer favorite.

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User's Review:

"Phenomenon" - nearly forgotten today, but not grown old and still beautiful and heartfelt fantastic melodrama by the renowned American director Dzhona Torteltauba ( "National Treasure," "While You Were Sleeping"), filmed on the script at least talented in the 1992nd year Gerald Di Pego ( "The Forgotten," "Instinct"). Dzhordzh Melli - welcoming and friendly mechanic who lives in a small provincial town in which his love and know everything, and he in turn is in love and otherwise seeking attention lonely and divorced Leis, who is raising two children and is not torn yet married again, avoiding in every way from the timid courtship George. Once George unbelievable happens, he finds the night on the street rather strange natural anomaly, namely a kind of flash of light, after which it begins to reveal itself in the extraordinary abilities, ranging from predictions of the future, telekinesis, and to improve his mental intelligence to genius level. Being a man of light and sincere, George tries to send all these abilities for the benefit of solving every possible way to help people, but often runs into misunderstanding and envy of their fellow citizens, someone considers it a charlatan, someone dangerous, someone just abnormal, and George dreams only have time to make mankind more good and finally get the attention Leis. But we all, as usual, there is a downside, and for his extraordinary gift, George will have to pay with their lives. It is truly spiritualized movie, filling some special feelings and makes your heart again for one second believe that there are among us here are friendly and open-minded people who are willing to sacrifice themselves for others without expecting especially for mutual understanding. At Dzhona Torteltauba was very vital and tragicomic tale, which madly want to believe, but people such as George Malley is more common in life, and only with such talk. Magnificent and hurricane-charismatic John Travolta ( "Face," "Get Shorty") starred in this movie, just in the wake of his second kinorozhdeniya after cult "Pulp Fiction" and proved for the umpteenth time, that is able to create on-screen diametrically different and very vivid images, and the role of the good-natured dreamer George - one of my favorite of his is certainly a bright film career. Company to him here to find not less remarkable, among them Oscar-winning Robert Duvall ( "The Godfather," "Dzhon Kyu"), who played Dr. Brander and Forest Whitaker ( "Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai", "Phone Booth") in the role of Nate best friend George, well, of course, Kira Sedzhvik ( "the heart and soul," "Born on the fourth of July") brilliantly and subtly played the very Leis. Be sure to look at how it is possible, this beautiful and life-affirming film that is sure to sow in you a bit of something light.

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