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Pearl Harbor

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Movie Length: 3:03

Genre: Drama Melodrama Militants Military

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 6.1

Director: Maykl Bey

Actors: Ben Affleck, Keyt Bekinseyl, Josh Hartnett, William Lee Scott, Greg Zola, Ewen Bremner, Alek Bolduin, Dzheymi King, Ketrin Kellner, Jennifer Garner, Maykl Shennon, Uilyam Fihtner

Budget: $ 140 million

Year: May 31, 2001

Download Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor download movie. Rafe and Danny grew up together, they were inseparable friends. Both are fond of aviation and, when grown up, become pilots of the Air Force. Ralph has an affair with the nurse Evelyn, but the war separates them. Rafe forced to go to England, and together with Danny Evelyn transferred to the base at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. After some time, comes the news of the death of Ralph. Grief brings Danny and Evelyn, they become lovers. But after a while comes in part Rafe, who miraculously escaped. That will make the characters in such a difficult situation?

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User's Review:

In this film, almost everyone will find what he wanted: love, battles and lofty words about patriotism. The romantic story of two friends - pilots of the US Navy, aircraft enthusiasts since childhood and had served in the same army corps. The war separates them and change destiny. Rafe (Ben Affleck) in love with a nurse Evelyn (Keyt Bekinseyl), the sky is sent to protect Britain from the German invaders. And Danny (Josh Hartnett), together with Evelyn are at Pearl Harbor, where they become close after the news of the heroic death of Ralph. Soon, however, Ralph returns and male friendship another test of strength. No one suspects that it is being prepared Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor pilots. There used to think that only the front of a routine military service and training missions, quiet blue bay and the warm Hawaiian sunsets. The sudden attack caught unawares US sailors and airmen who are on this basis. Many die before he could join the battle, and only a few fighter planes take to the skies among the burning debris and exploding bombs. Japanese kamikaze real aces, no mercy and fear, they are dangerous opponents ready to go to the ram for the victory. Opponents are mortal combat on the water's edge, leaving their cars in the rapid turns, almost touching the wing flaming decks of aircraft carriers. Tracer bullets cut through the fuselage of the aircraft, the blood staining the glass cockpit. In opposition to the spirit and strength, only equal enemies can look each other in the eye knowing that has no ammunition left on board ... They are doing their duty. Each serves his country. And the other one likes waiting. And in the hospital shaken, but not broken tragedy Evelyn, ready to sacrifice themselves assisting wounded soldiers and civilians who find themselves in the thick of hell ... Survivors of the attack with Danny Rafe is written by volunteers in a raid just revenge. They fly to bomb Tokyo, but will return home only one of them, Ralph, to become the husband of Evelyn and father of her child. In life there is a place not only heroism, but also the senses ...

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