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Movie Length: 1:33

Genre: Drama Thriller Detective

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 6.3

Director: Peter Landesman

Actors: Zac Efron, Marcia Gay Harden, Billy Bob Thornton, Dzheki Uiver, Pol Dzhamatti, Matt Barr, my Mallory, Bitsy Tullock, Ron Livingston, Dzheyson Duglas, Colin Hanks, Mark Duplass, Jackie Erl Heyli

Budget: $ 10 million

Year: January 9, 2014

download Parkland

Download movie Parkland for free. Historical drama about the murder of the president. 1963. November 22. Dallas. 11:50. Presidential motorcade is moving into the city center. 12:30. Heard the fatal shots. 13:00. Parkland Hospital. 35th US president died. What was the reason for the murder of the president? The question that has been half a century, keeps the tension of humanity. The latest version of one of the most high-profile and unsolved crimes of the XX century, the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the favorite of the President, a young intelligent policy, the brilliant lover vodivshego dangerous novels - from Marilyn Monroe and even hundreds of the most beautiful women in America. "Parkland" The film is based on the book by Vincent Bulozi "Restoring history: The assassination of President John F. Kennedy."

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Our Review:

Meticulous reconstruction of the assassination of President Kennedy in terms of simple eyewitnesses. On Friday, November 22, 1963 in the framework of the election campaign, President Kennedy arrives in Dallas, where the road from the airport to shoot him. Presidential motorcade rushing Parklendsky in the hospital, the doctor on his elbows in blood are doing everything possible, Kennedy dies. Lee Harvey Oswald's delay, it also shoot up in two days. Again, Parkland, again the same team of doctors and death. On Monday, burying the killer and his victim. Directed by debutant Peter Landesman with documentary precision recreates the events of one of the most tragic days in American history book on the Attorney Vincent Bulozi "Restoring story: The assassination of President John F. Kennedy." The painstaking production is given in terms of the key witnesses - Dr. Carrico (Zac Efron), senior nurse Doris Nelson (Marcia Gay Harden), an agent of the Secret Service Forrest Sorrelsa (Billy Bob Thornton), the local FBI James Hostbi agents (Ron Livingston) and Gordon Shenklin ( David Harbor), the brother of the killer Robert Oswald (Dzheyms Bedzh Dale), a simple tailor Abraham Zapruder (Pol Dzhamatti), who has removed the camera to manual the most famous home video - time of the murder. Interestingly, the only professional photographer who was nearby and, after the first shot, aiming the camera, so was amazed by what he saw that he could not lift anything. Zapruder hand did not tremble, and then, with tears, he sold the film Life magazine. In the "Parkland" no motives for the murder, psychology, or conspiracy theories - no explanation, only a detailed reconstruction of what happened: the blood, the tears, chaos, fear. Trembling Jacqueline carries a piece of her husband's skull, the fight for the body of the president between local police and federal authorities, labor, which bring very heavy coffin on the plane, the shrill confusion honest patriot Robert desperation with which doctors saved the president, and the cold sense of duty when their hands was Oswald. The film involves great actors, but none of them can not in any way to play - they occur sporadically and do not have a specific depth. A former journalist Landesman kept within the official version put forward by the Warren Commission, and not tempted by the numerous interpretations of the events of those days. The film does not reveal new facets of the incident, but only shows how it could be scary.

User's Review:

Well, I will not give an opinion, and here's why: expect from the film a little more of what we know about the tragic death of Kennedy, although versions and so much from the point of absurdity, and to the incredible lie. Acting is not impressed, but this is understandable, since the entire film is replete with "bridge" shots, scenes, versions, many secondary characters to the middle of the movie and it is not clear - who is the main character and the protagonist of the drama of the people and the impunity of those people who considers himself the supreme arbiter. The plot of "dragged" to the well-known official and the president of America's version of the murder, although all are well aware that the poor fellow Oswald just a pawn in a huge game of politicians. Oswald, incidentally, played Dzheremi Strong. The picture is called "Parkland" in honor of the hospital where he was taken to Kennedy after his assassination. Personally for me this film is largely reveals the family Oswald - his mother, brother and other relatives. Directed gripped the whole story in one and a half hours, which is very small for such a topic and the number of characters in the film. Who will like this movie, and someone will say again that our version of single-killer push through! It is therefore difficult to assess. I would say that this film is not for everybody.

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