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Movie Length: 2:00

Genre: Drama thriller

Country: South Korea

IMDB rating: 8.4

Director: Park Chan-uk

Actors: Choi Min-sik, Yoo Ji Tae, Kang Hye-Jeon Ji Dae-han, Dal-su Oh, Kim Bon-ok, Seung-Shin Lee, Jin-Yong Seo, Dae-Yeon Lee, Kwan O Rock

Budget: $ 3,000,000

Year: November 18, 2004

download Oldeuboi

Free download Oldeuboi movie. Every Friday after work drunk and fool Oh Dae-su uchinyaet disgrace. First, get drunk in the pub, then it falls to the police. A Hard Day's Night is usually complete drunken confessions by telephone and safe return home. After another spree Oh Dae-su for some reason did not wake up in your own bed and not even in a ditch, and in a typical apartment block house, where instead of the window landscape of the calendar, and on the gas pipe is not supplied methane and Russian knockout gas. Inexplicable conclusion lasts fifteen years, and during that time a prisoner manages to fill his strong calluses on his knuckles, create multipage list of personal enemies and dig a secret hole in the outer wall of the prison. But on the day when the Korean Monte Cristo manages to infuse the first in many years, a breath of fresh air, he was suddenly released into the wild thin and unshaven, but dressed all in fashion. Now about Dae-su can find out who and why it took fifteen years of life. And, if you're lucky, revenge.

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Our Review:

A masterpiece of world cinema, with a light hand to grab Quentin Tarantino in Cannes top prize and plant the fashion of Asian brutality, emotional catharsis and fleeting sense of beauty. "Laugh and the whole world will laugh with you. Pay - and you cry alone. " Normal, drinking in moderation Seoul citizen named Oh Dae-su, a father and a husband, adored his family, kidnapped by unknown persons, and is installed in a makeshift jail. All fifteen years imprisonment About Dae-su wondered who and why committed over it so terrible act. Just as suddenly he regained his freedom - came to himself outside the prison walls - terribly lonely, exhausted, but not broken. Now he has to find the answer is not so much the question of who put him into prison, but to understand why he was released from there. South Korean thriller directed by Park Chan-wook is the second part of the trilogy of revenge, which includes the magnificent "Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance" (2002) and, unfortunately, far less spectacular "Sympathy for Lady Vengeance" (2005). Despite the fact that domestic distributors were trying to convince the audience that this is a movie made based on the "Count of Monte Cristo", the script was written based on the eponymous manga Nobuaki Minegisi and Garona Tsutii. Name On Dae-su means "living one day." The hero did not know what a bitter irony hidden behind his name. He said that a long time ago the word over the years can lead to dire consequences. He will face a person for whom revenge is like a breath of the sun, as a way to breathe and survive. the main meaning of the events laid down in the confrontation between two characters immersed in a detective Guignol and armor-piercing action. Impeccable directing and great acting pivot of Korean actors and incredibly beautiful - a bouncer tear - music make "Oldboya" unattainable masterpiece, a film has great emotional impact. At one time it was rumored that Hollywood will remake Spielberg himself, but - perhaps for the better - the project never came out of the discussion stage. Bollywood filmmakers were much more adventurous and took off his version in 2007, under the title «Zinda» - no less grim and hopeless, but which of censorship disappeared topic of incest. The Koreans, in turn, continued to develop coined by Park Chan ukoma treydmark, they took a lot of good, full of beautiful music and bloody violence tapes, but to 'Oldboya "has yet not reached. "At these altitudes, the illusions are not enough oxygen."

User's Review:

It is very difficult to see the film. Throughout the picture sympathize and empathize with the hero at the end, when at last with him will know the cause of all his suffering and the full scope of perverse revenge unwittingly (I am only talking about myself), I could not help admire it all. The entire film becomes an ode to the philosophy of revenge. The film is not for rest, but for the fact that to understand why do people commit acts (and everything depends on Love), and that love excuses people do terrible things in the name of the memory of love and revenge for its destruction. Many of your friends the most admired aspects of melee combat, but not me. I did not leave indifferent himself avenger plan. Watch this movie and walk the path that leads to the devastation and satisfaction at the same time. Sincerely, a lover of good books and a great movie.

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