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Free download Nymphomaniac movie.

Movie Length: 1:58

Genre: erotic drama

Country: Belgium, Germany, Denmark, UK, France

IMDB rating: 7.0

Director: Lars von Trier

Actors: Sharlotta Gensbur, Steysi Martin, Stellan Skarsgard, Shaya Labaf, Kristian Sleyter, Uma Thurman, Sofi Kennedi Clark, Jens Albinus, Nicolas Bro, Felicity Gilbert, Connie Nielsen, Udo Kier

Budget: $ 4.7 million

Year: February 13, 2014

download Nymphomaniac

Free download Nymphomaniac movie. Erotic drama. Light and poetic story of a woman erotic experiences from birth to the fiftieth anniversary, told on behalf of the protagonist, a woman named Jo, has set itself the diagnosis - nymphomania. Cold winter morning Seligman, a middle-aged lonely bachelor, stumbles into an alley at Joe, and being beaten in the semi-conscious state. Bring a woman home, he treats her wounds and wondering how she reached to such a life. Joe Seligman tells the story of his eventful youth teeming with parallel plots and unexpected digressions. "Nymphomaniac" - the first film by Lars von Trier, which was released in rent in two parts.

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Our Review:

What is it - arthouse porn, another witty mockery of intellectuals or a new revelation of the largest and most scandalous director of our time? Well, certainly Neskuchnoye, unbanal and unsympathetic film. The story begins with the fact that the "good Samaritan" Saligman (Stellan Skarsgard) to the sounds of "Ramstein" is an evening winter street bloodied woman and brings her to his home. Woman calls himself Joe (Sharlotta Gensbur) and declares that it is a nymphomaniac. Further, during the two hours we will be together with Saligmanom listen (and spy) her confession - the story of a dissolute woman. From early childhood, the loss of virginity, adolescent "sexual bullying" after his father's death and the frequent change of partners, we will reach its final replica "I do not feel anything." What, in fact, the first part of the movie and the music will end the same "Ramstein". The most curious thing is that from all this, to put it mildly, "dirty" stories in Lars von Trier, the main bully modern cinema, turned comedy. Comedy clever and subtle, full of different meanings and connotations. Comedy, its absurd humor and grotesque situations referred us to the best Marx Brothers tapes parodying numerous paintings from the golden fund of the movie, and sometimes ironic touches and of von Trier. Thanks to the hard humor director in the process of describing his medical history Joey clearly turns into the trickster - the mythological trickster and prankster, acting not out of malice, but simply decorating the outside world elements of the game. In all its penitential confession there is some mocking tone. At some point, von Trier gives the viewer puzzled - what do we see? True story, playful fantasy character or picture presented to us - the fruit of imagination of the listener Saligmana? And when you consider that the film was made in accordance with the theses of the manifesto "Dogma-95", one of which the author himself was von Trier (location shooting, hand-held camera, no artificial light), it is possible to imagine the puzzle adds bully-Dane in front of a confused spectator. In the end, von Trier has promised at the time: "If I take a film called "Nymphomaniac"And he will be dear, I'll go from directing. " After watching the film, you can say with confidence - as a director, he will still remain, and hopefully for a long time. After all, a nice little this film certainly is not.

User's Review:

"Nymphomaniac" - a provocative conversational drama, full of risky elements and unusual director's decision. Despite the explicit scenes in the trailer, posters and shocking film assignment "pornodramy" status before the premiere, sex does not take the most important place in the film. Sex scenes are used as a method of describing feelings and states of the main character, whether it be doubt and uncertainty, anger and fear. The main place in the drama take calls. Stories from the life of that nymphomaniac, Joe tells a passerby Seligman, shelter heroine. Frank and immodest events of the past, after the story of which Joe is waiting for the condemnation and contempt, and receives understanding and comparison with ordinary life situations. Seligman bezotsenochnoe listens and gives examples from his own life, comparing, for example, indecent game heroine in the train with tactics behavior angler. On the semantic component of the picture before the premiere of the second part is difficult to speak. The same applies to the main ideas of von Trier. But as long as it is safe to say that "Nymphomaniac" - a film not only about sex, despite having quite explicit scenes. But this film is not about love, which condemned, rejected and praised at the same time. One of the pluses of the film is a periodic change of genres. Stable drama turns it into a bright brilliant comedy with Umoy Turman in the lead role, in a gentle melodrama about the first love, the heavy drama of the death of a loved relative. Lars uses numerous techniques. The director changes the color and texture of the image, depending on the situation. It includes an expressive song Rammstein after a long silence. He begins the film with minute dark screen scene. Lars abundantly fills tape all sorts of images and inserts relevant and not. Despite the fact that the plot of the movie serial, due to the conversations and retreats sometimes lose track of certain events. Trier if mocks the audience, recalling its unpredictability. "Nymphomaniac" - the experiment and for the director and the audience. Direct and frank, sometimes mocking and satirical film by Lars von Trier is doomed to discussion, admiration or criticism. The tape will not leave anyone indifferent. Well, the final only to intensify interest in the second part, in which the talented debutante Steysi Martin passes leading role matured Jo - Charlotte Gainsbourg. On the final picture can not even think without a doubt Lars finds more than surprise and shock the audience.

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