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North Country

Free North Country movie torrent.

Movie Length: 2:06

Genre: Drama

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 7.3

Director: Niki Caro

Actors: Charlize Theron, Dzheremi Renner, Frensis Makdormand, Thomas Curtis, Al Peterson, Shon Bin, Vudi Harrelson, Richard Jenkins, Sissi Speysek, Dzheyms Keda, Mishel Monahen

Budget: $ 35 million

Year: September 12, 2005 (World)

Download North Country

Free North Country movie torrent. The plot focuses on the first case in the history of the group of sexual harassment. It is known as "Case Luis E. Jenson vs. Eveleth Taconite Co.". The heroine of the painting "North Country" - Josie (Charlize Theron) - returns to his native town in northern Minnesota and is arranged to work in the mine, the main local enterprise. The girl's father is ashamed of her because Josie soon became pregnant, and considers frivolous daughter. New job Josie becomes an object of ridicule and provocation former friend Bobby. Attempts to stop the harassment only worsen the situation.

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User's Review:

"North Country" - a tense and dramatic belt in 2009 by a talented New Zealand postanovschitsy Niki Caro ( "Whale Rider," "A Heavenly Vintage"), inspired by the book 2002 Clara Bingham and Lory Lidi Gengsler «Class Action: The Story of lois Jenson and the Landmark Case That Changed Sexual Harassment Law ». Events of the film take place in 1989, when tired of the endless beating of her husband, a young American woman Dzhozi Eyms comes with their children in their native country town in Northern Minnesota. At first, she stays with his parents, but tensions Josie's relationship with her father Hank, who condemned her for what she became pregnant at age 16, forcing her to move in with your friends and the couple Dodge and Glory, which also help Josie to get a job on local iron mine, which runs almost the entire city, including Josie's father. At work, she quickly converges with the group of women, but in men, due to her early pregnancy, and in particular with the filing of her former school friend Bobby Sharpe, begin to spread unnecessary rumors that she "walks" and sexually promiscuous woman and other similar a lie that leads to even more heated relationship with his father, a few harassed her by the workers and all kinds of bullying her whole team, including many women. With the help of a lawyer Bill Uayta Dzhozi sues the company, but to win the case, we need the testimony witnesses women, who are also, like Josie exposed not just hard harassment, but they have a long and highly intimidated and are afraid of losing their jobs, and the main character We will still have to go through a lot to get the truth. A real Luis Dzhenson, on whose history and was coined by the character Dzhozi Eyms, took as much of 14 years, to win the court, and its claim was indeed the first group case of sexual harassment, known as the "Case Luis E. Jenson vs. Eveleth Taconite Co." Rolling in the past the US legislation, but a consultant on the film, Louis refused to be his story did not sell the filmmakers. Niki Caro managed to shoot a truly heartfelt and sentimental film about the injustice and cruelty of some people against others, of the herd and the loss of human appearance and the courage and perseverance without which, alas, is the weaker sex in the modern world is very difficult to survive. Dzhozi Eyms - another prominent role Charlize Theron ( "Monster," "Head in the Clouds"), which is not afraid of difficult and different character images for that well-deserved with Francis Jake McDorman ( "Mississippi Burning"), played here at least brilliantly Glory, It was nominated for "Oscar", "Golden globe" and the prize of the British Academy in 2002nd. Shon Bin ( "Patriot Games"), Vudi Harrelson ( "Money Train"), Richard Jenkins ( "Visitor"), Sissi Speysek ( "Goodnight, Mom"), Michelle Monaghan ( "Source Code"), and especially Dzheremi Renner ( "the Hurt Locker") as the bastard Bobby Sharpe showed high-class acting and created very complete and cling to the living history, to which it is impossible to remain indifferent, well, if you missed at the time this amazing band, I highly recommend you it to early viewing, the storm of feelings and emotions you are guaranteed.

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