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Non ti muovere

Non ti muovere download movie.

Movie Length: 2:05

Genre: Drama romance

Country: Spain, Italy, United Kingdom

IMDB rating: 7.1

Director: Sergio Kastellitto

Actors: Penelope Cruz, Sergio Kastellitto, Klaudiya Dzherini, Natalia Barcelo Lina Bernardi Flavio Brunetti, Dzhordzho Karechcha, Pietro Kastellitto, Paola Cherimele, Anna Eliza Kordisko


Year: August 26, 2004

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Non ti muovere download movie. Successful surgeon Timoteo completely entangled in his personal life, torn between his wife and new-found lover. Impoverished immigrant by the name of Italy is waiting for his child, but then, unfortunately, hateful pregnant pretty wife. What to do? Dirty, zavshivevshaya lover walks with his legs apart, the surgeon puchit expressive eyes, and his wife stares.

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User's Review:

A wonderful, touching and vivid cinema in 2004, filmed on the novel by Margaret Matstsantini her husband - a wonderful Italian actor and director Sergio Kastellitto, and this was their second joint project at that time. This is an amazing story about a strange and inexplicable love can be, spontaneous and all-consuming, passionate and destructive, newly found and lost. This is a story about a man who in a moment realize that what he lived before anything is not meant to him, he saw the beauty and found happiness there where any other would just passed. At the main character in life is everything about what can only dream of, a beautiful wife, great job, a career, a beautiful house, but it is getting some small and not so important when wake up in him feelings in an instant to the one in general it can hardly be called a beautiful, well-groomed and gorgeous, but it is - a woman in the full sense of the word, able to love and flourish if it is filled with love and. And absolutely it does not matter what they are polar different worlds, and that their relationship can not be understood logically, but the passion - the power of a terrible and if it happens to you, you will never be able to stop before this storm of emotions, overwhelmed by you, and certainly as silly will behave recklessly in pursuit of what makes you alive and exalted above the false values ​​of the world. Great success of this film was, of course, the participation of the beautiful Penelope Cruz ( "The Return", "Broken Embraces"), which played here a piercing and tear of one of his best roles in movies, showing their inner beauty, refusing at the same time from the outside and to disclose in its image as a great dramatic actress at 100%. Her heroine is a poor immigrant named Italy at first repelled, but later on it crazy love of the hero you're absolutely clear to understand. Directed by Sergio Kastellitto who has performed well and the title role in "Do not go", personally for me was the big opening in both its guises, his character is a successful doctor and family man Timoteo filled with different conflicting feelings and emotions, his tear confrontation with himself and with what he she wants in life, and Kastellitto incredibly accurate and brilliantly manages to express all that on the screen, sometimes you're just looking at it, you know what he thinks. In 2004, the film received two nominations for the award "Goya" and two by the European Film Academy, plus the Audience Award for Penelope Cruz. American kinoakademiki not immediately discern if this talent Spaniard and his "Oscar" she received only in the 2009th for a decent, but not outstanding role in the film "Vicky Cristina Barcelona." If you like movies about difficult love, unusual, and this, you see this European masterpiece is a must.

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