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Ne te retourne pas

Download Ne te retourne pas full movie for free.

Movie Length: 1:51

Genre: Drama thriller

Country: Belgium, Italy, Luxembourg, France

IMDB rating: 5.9

Director: Marina De Van

Actors: Sofi Marso, Monica Bellucci, Andrea Di Stefano, Thierry Novik, Brigitte Katiyon, Sylvie Granot, Augusto Dzukki, Giovanni Franzoni, Vittoriya Meneganti, Francesca Meluchchi

Budget: 13 million €

Year: October 22, 2009

Download Ne te retourne pas

Free download Ne te retourne pas movie. Strange metamorphoses happening to Joan: an exemplary wife and a loving mother, she suddenly began to notice that something is wrong ... It is no longer recognize themselves in the mirror: her body is changing, changing the face of even the house varies, but no one around to notice anything . Following the women's intuition, she goes to Italy to search for clues, which transforms into another woman who will reveal the secret of her true identity.

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User's Review:

Sofia in Wonderland. There are moments in life ... Moments, tearing the heart that we, instead, to accept, prefer to erase from memory, like a child with her eyes shut, to forget forever, then to gently open them and see that all is well. The sun is shining and everyone is happy. By itself, as we know, still can not escape. The past comes on the heels, destroying memory barriers that were erected diligently for so many years. It may take thirty years and one day to us as a bolt from the blue brings back memories, and even in such colors that enemy does not want. It's really scary. Especially afraid that this is not fiction. When you suddenly realize that all that you have lived - nothing and no reason. This is such a blow to the psyche that breaks all. The most important thing in this situation - to resist, relive the past, let it go and move on into the future. Sofii Marso in the film "Do not Look Back" was able to do it. She found the strength to look back, to come face to face with itself, with its true "I", which, in her happiness, it was Monikoy Beluchchi. On the awareness process itself suddenly look scary though, because potentially we can all be in a similar situation - on the brink of madness, not recognizing the situation and the environment. The film was shot very well, made some unexpected turns to sit with their mouths open and count the chills running down your skin. The idea of ​​reincarnation one woman to another carried out with stunning realism: you go right - there Bellucci, to the left - there is Sofi Marso. The film creates discussions clock than for a long time can no longer boast of many rental trends. He makes us think, and really, who can say that this is true when it is tomorrow?

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