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Narayama-bushi kô

Narayama-bushi kô download movie.

Movie Length: 2:10

Genre: Drama

Country: Japan

IMDB rating: 7.9

Director: Shohei Imamura

Actors: Ken Ogata Sumiko Sakamoto, Tonpey Hidari, Soiti Odzava, Fujio Tokito, Sanso Sinsui, Seiji Kurasaki, Junko Takada, Takedzo Aki Mitsuko Bayso


Year: April 29, 1983 (World)

Download Narayama-bushi kô

Download movie Narayama-bushi kô for free. Japanese family drama. Winner of the "Golden Palm" of the 36th International Cannes Film Festival. The plot of "The Ballad of Narayama" builds on stories Sitiro Fukadzavy. The film characters - the inhabitants of the small Japanese village affected by hunger, who honor the ancient laws and traditions. According to ancient custom, when older villagers 70 years old, no relatives, no friends no longer need to keep them. The eldest son on his shoulders refers parents to the summit of Mount Narayama, where an old man waits for death from hunger and thirst. Such a fate awaits Orin - old woman, whose age is approaching the "fatal" seventy. Tatsuhey son is preparing to do his duty and to go with her mother to Narayamu.

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