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Modern Times

Free download Modern Times movie.

Movie Length: 1:27

Genre: Drama Comedy Romance

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 8.5

Director: Charlie Chaplin

Actors: Charlie Chaplin, Polett Goddar, Henry Bergman, Tayni Sendford, Chester Conklin, Hank Mann, Stanley Blistoun, Al Ernest Garcia, Richard Alexander, Cecil Reynolds

Budget: $ 1.5 million

Year: February 5, 1936 (World)

Download Modern Times

Download movie Modern Times for free. Little tramp is working in a modern plant - is standing at the conveyor and tighten the nuts on the details. Suddenly there is a boss and decides it is in the last Rolling Stone to experience a miracle of technology - a machine for feeding the workers, so that they can not go to dinner from his seat. But something went wrong, the mechanism fails, and the character Charli Chaplina sucked into the pipeline. As a result, he lost his mind, was treated in a psychiatric hospital, then accidentally ended up in prison, he lost his job, met a girl whose father was fired from his job during the Great Depression, again went to jail… Many more adventures befell poor little tramp, struggling to resist the circumstances. Film "Modern Times" recognized film critics one of the best pictures Charli Chaplina. Since 1989, it is stored in the National Register of US films.

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Our Review:

Comedy drama about the little tramp who dared to openly confront the state machine. The Great Depression ended. People finally get a chance to get a job. The character Charli Chaplina, the ordinary little man, causing laughter one of its kind, is taken for any, even the most difficult work, but it always want to cash in, it always try to cheat. So he starts his small, but proud rebellion: against the monotony of the work, against their very status - a cog in a huge state apparatus. He was fired from work, taken as an agitator in favor of the Communists, even put in jail. However, Tramp met with orphan Ellen (Polett Goddar, Chaplin's wife and future widow of the writer Eriha Marii Remarque), falls in love and begins to live for her. In addition, Rolling Stone selected for participation in the experiment with an automatic "feeding machine" (stating that Chaplin came up with this wonderful machine is still 20 years before the filming of "New Times" - even then he planned to create a satire on scientific and technological progress). "New Times", taken over a half million dollars and released in rent in 1936, considered the last silent films Charli Chaplina. Although it is known that Chaplin planned to withdraw fully voiced comedy, he even wrote a full script and was very passionate about the soundtrack, but, apparently, decided to say goodbye to the world touching the Great Silent is such - half-voiced - "new times." In "Modern Times" are the sound effects, but the viewer often hears only the voices of the mechanical devices (videophones, radio), symbolizing the triumph of technology and total dehumanization. And the alter ego of the actor and director - Little Tramp - sings in the final picture. This film is considered to be a classic of cinema. Sinefilsky authoritative magazine Cahiers du cinema in 2008 included the "New Times" the hundred best films of all time, and the American Film Institute placed the film on the honorary 33rd place in the ranking of the best American comedies.

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