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Mes chères études

Free download Mes chères études movie.

Movie Length: 1:43

Genre: erotic drama

Country: France

IMDB rating: 6.2

Director: Emmanuel Berko

Actors: Debora Fransua, Mate Demi, Alen Koshi, Benzhamin Siksu, Anna Sigalevich Lou Boriner, Mark Shapito, Massimiliano Verardi


Year: January 18, 2010 (World)

Download Mes chères études

Download Mes chères études full movie for free. Laura - University freshman who desperately wants to succeed in their studies. But financial problems seriously affect her life. She works part-time, but this is still not enough to make ends meet and fully concentrate on their studies. One evening, she stumbles on the Internet advertisement 57-year-old Joe, in which it offers EUR 100 per hour for a young girl "tender points". Laura decided to go for it, but I promise myself that this would be only once. Three days later, the student goes on a call to the hotel to Joe. So begins a new round of her life, because for the first time will be far from the last.

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User's Review:

Suddenly a deep film makes us think about a lot. The main character - a young student who combines his studies at a prestigious university with a part-time job. At the beginning of the film, she lives with a man. They have to rent an apartment and count every penny, and the young man did not hesitate to force the girl to pay for everything equally, fundamentally not helping her. In desperation, she tries to find a second job in the Internet and out of curiosity opens tab 18+, where the ad is his first client. The heroine strongly believes that it at once, but the easy money has released nobody so easy. Under the pressure of financial difficulties, the girl unexpectedly for itself, it becomes a slippery path trading his own body. In the picture, in addition to an abundance of plausible explicit scenes, subtly presented the experiences of the main character, her mental anguish, pain, despair. The viewer is given the opportunity to experience the full horror of the reverse side of the coin and to assess the true value of easy money. Demoralization of values, inner desolation, loss of respect, - through it all have to go through a very young girl. We must pay tribute to the talented actress and the game is very accurate picture of the musical design. Despite the frank and challenging topics tape, the director managed to concentrate the viewer's attention on the moral side of the issue. The film makes us think about many things; involuntarily imagine yourself in the place of a girl by asking yourself the question: "And if I could not resist the temptation of an imaginary?" Throughout the narrative character empathize, feel her pain, mental suffering, living the story with her. There are moments when the involuntarily start to cry.

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