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Me Before You

Often we meet love, when it is least expect. And sometimes it leads us to where we never expected to be

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Movie Length: 1:50

Genre: Drama romance

Country: US, UK

IMDB rating: 7.4

Director: Thea Sharrock

Actors: Sam Claflin, Emilia Clarke, Vanessa Kirby, Eylin Danvudi, Pablo Reybould, Gebriell Dauni, Genri Charlz, Samantha Spiro, Brendan Coyle, Dzhenna Koulman, Mettyu Lyuis, Charlz Dens

Budget: $ 20 million

Year: July 7, 2016

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Download Me Before You full movie for free. When Luisa "Lu" Clark suddenly loses a waitress job, she has a lot to try to find a new source of income, which is hoping her big and friendly family. In desperation, she agrees to work nurse Uilla Treynora, former banker and lover of adventure, once lived to the fullest, but now it is in the past. After the accident, Will has lost the will to live, and therefore the burning malice and excessive self-love keeps others at a distance. That's only in contrast to his family, Lu refuses to tiptoe and to adapt to his mood before him. Will even difficult to resist her enthusiasm and good humor, and it soon becomes clear that these two found each other at a time when it was necessary for both of them.

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Our Review:

What does all this Thea Sharrock, a British theater director, took off her debut feature film, based on the eponymous best-selling novel, published in 2012. Melodrama about a young paralyzed aristocrat and a naive but sincere simpleton on the screen play Sam Claflin and star of "Game of Thrones' Emilia Clarke. (As a bonus offered Mettyu Lyuis, who all remembered as Neville Longbottom in the series of Harry Potter.) Why look in the "Game of Thrones" Clark plays a mother of dragons, on the big screen Emilia appeared in the role of the famous Sarah Connor, the one whose son saved mankind in "Terminator." But this, which the actress appears in the film Sharrock, you can hardly see it. Lu, the heroine Clark - something like Amelie from the provinces, touching, funny, a little crazy and able to stir hmuryaschegosya human smile and a few words. The best moments between Lou and chained to a chair character Claflin slips, forgive the banality, the spark: in relationships that are formed between the two do not like each other people begin to believe. And for that, in fact, melodrama and filmed. Why can not watch actors try, but the raw material in this case is that in the end still goes extremely banal and trite melodrama. (The picture, in particular, makes it clear that women are quite capable of if you do not win, then at least significantly temper the emotional pain with the help of shopping in Paris perfume boutique.) The creators apparently conceived the youth cinema weirdo - like two-year-old film "With Love Rosie "(in which, incidentally, also was busy Claflin). In fact, it turned out naphthalene movie, rather similar to the failed film "The best in me."

User's Review:

I went on, "Until I met you" in its premiere. It happened by chance, it was the last day of my holiday and wanted something truly girlish, sincere, sentimental. As ultraromanticheskogo character of a person I would have expected that the film will be a beautiful and sad, I could cry in a fun and relax. But unlike other tearjerker "Until I met you" does not focus on self-pity, and this is its main and most huge plus. History, of course, very sad, and very few people think about the problem of man who is in such a situation, if not confronted with it personally. But in this picture so much good humor and light that call it a drama does not turn the language. Separately want to highlight soundtracks. There are both hits and unknown compositions, but they are all very logical to include in the plot. Run shivers, when it starts «Loving can hurt» Ed Sheeran. The Apple Music even specially compiled playlist to people like me were able to view immediately after download it yourself. The actors do an excellent job with their roles. I've never watched Game of Thrones and poorly imagine what it's like, why not share gasp about the main character (Emilia Clarke). But it certainly - life itself. Her eyebrows seem to live on their own, creating the face different emotions and images. Sam Claflin (the protagonist) plays a very believable, believe him. After watching, I thought, how is probably hard healthy man play paralytic. This is a big job that requires endurance, patience, constant concentration. A week later I went to the movie again and saw that the actor plays a wonderful, believe him. Very bright and beautiful picture!

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