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Love and Honor

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Movie Length: 1:32

Genre: Drama Romance War

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 5.7

Director: Denni Muni

Actors: Liam Hemsworth, Wyatt Russell, Teresa Palmer, Eymi Tigarden, Max Adler, Kris Louell, Louren Mey Shafer, Austin Stowell, Riki Ueyn, Chase Meyser


Year: August 30, 2012

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Download Love and Honor full movie for free. Young guy Dalton decides secretly to escape for a few days AWOL to see with my girlfriend. He is joined by his friend Mickey. Among the heedless young students Mickey meets a seductive, beautiful and freedom-loving Candice. For a few days with her Mickey is ready to stake his military career and even life. Heroes will never forget this sunny, passionate and crazy summer when awakened young hearts ...

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Our Review:

Communicating military melodrama, which can prisovetovat loving couples young age. But not the fact that then they will say "thank you". 1969, Vietnam. A group of American soldiers released the week on leave, and those in a hurry to take advantage of a girl thrown Dalton (Stowell) rather than spend time in a local brothel, a guy goes to his home state - to prove their love girlfriend. Purely from male solidarity with him for company linked best friend - a joker and a womanizer Mickey (Hemsworth). At the site of both waiting for some unpleasant discoveries somehow caused a dramatic change social climate: the heroes of Indochina guys suddenly turned into assassins deceived the authorities. Another (see. "Dear John" and "Lucky") is quite nice, but some optional military melodrama about which, by and large, nothing to say, except to note the fact of its release in theaters. Director-debutant Denni Muni - 27, and this is the case when the ideal viewer must be 10 years younger: the young heart, young bodies, patent war once in passing, warm colors for a retro atmosphere, sun, summer, love, buzz - get exemplary film for the young romantic, not smelled gunpowder in the literal and figurative sense. If someone is afraid to get on the next American agitation, to reshape history in their fantastic patterns, it must be admitted that the jingoism here though present, but not in the critical dose - tolerated. Here, moreover, well done all - and who returned to fight the specter of communism, and who felt false, went AWOL, and who waited, and who could not - according to the authors, each can understand and forgive. And all this, of course, is a no brainer, but let it be repeated once more that we have, I'm sorry, I guess.

User's Review:

For the first time in a long time I finally enjoyed the movie in meladramaticheskom genre before were all sugary studies in sugary pink. Here at the director Denni Muni has turned a simple and direct, but at the same time quite a touching film about love between two brave guys Dalton and Mickey, who fought in Vietnam, and then they were released in small furlough break from the jungle horror, "No, not the jungle, and rice fields ... "The script is not particularly twisted, everything is slightly predictable, but this rate was made director looks at the actor's game and the bet played. Everything, even the secondary characters are quite colorful and memorable, but the main characters especially. Touching but strong and stubborn woman journalist, who brilliantly played Teresa Palmer and her lover in the face of Hemsworth and his friend (Kris Louell) and threw his girlfriend (Emmi Tigarden) because of which began the whole story. Leaves of absence for a few days and a trip to their homeland completely turned the guys an idea of ​​the Vietnam War and forced to perform unexpected actions, who decided to rest of their lives. I remember the trick as well paralleled cruel and utopian image of the war, and a great and important step for the future of humanity - to the moon. In general, «Love and honor» good, fun movie for all audiences, will leave a good impression in any case, cheer up, because of a good humor there is enough. A great movie for a romantic rendezvous.

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