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Lord of War

Lord of War download movie.

Movie Length: 2:02

Genre: Drama Thriller Crime

Country: USA, Germany, France

IMDB rating: 7.6

Director: Endryu Nikkol

Actors: Nikolas Keydzh, Itan Houk, Dzhared Leto, Bridget Moynehen Jasper Lenz, Ian Holm, Sammy Rotibi, Imonn Uolker, David Harman, Evgeny Lazarev

Budget: $ 50 million

Year: February 2, 2006

Download Lord of War

Free download Lord of War movie. Orlov's family moved from Ukraine to the United States. Sitting on Brighton Beach, the parents open a family restaurant. Grown children see parents live, and in no hurry to follow their example. A reference point for them is becoming increasingly violent world around them. Because of what the elder son George decides to take the arms trade. With the support of his younger brother Vitaly, Yuri begins to grow and develop in this direction. Quickly reaching heights Yuri as quickly amassed a problem by Interpol.

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Our Review:

Russian viewer to relate to this film seriously in any way possible. Because Yuri Orlov, aka Nikolas Keydzh, timidly uttering the words "brothers in arms" and done on a titanic effort to utter the phrase "let's go to my room, I'll show you my gun", makes a truly tragic impression. Russian-speaking actors is not very lucky. Their intelligible speech translators veiled touching. "What's in the papers ..? Stand, b .., death! "Yells Ukrainian general, Yuri Orlov relative (that the rank of general in the Soviet Union when there is likely to have been impossible to obtain immigrant relatives, the authors are not aware). At the bottom blinks timid line: «What fucking documents? Fight to death! ». But it's all such nonsense, which, moreover, once again to amuse the audience and will make a proper recovery in this very correct picture of morality, as simple as a Kalashnikov rifle. This hero is so said; and I said - a weapon even a child understand, only the vodka and caviar and it is necessary to take out the export; still have the car no one will buy. But, in general, truth is not the main quality Yuriya Orlova. He has a lot of passports, it can circle around the entire Interpol finger, placing sought aircraft in the middle of the highway and enabling local people to take away the whole load. By the arrival of the police in an airplane is not a single bullet. The constant change of scenery (Africa, Ukraine, the US) and the movement of the hero, along with hunting him agent allowed the filmmakers to classify it to the road movie. It is unclear whether it was intended creators originally, but the hero Cage, despite the terrible occupation and the same Russian language, is much more sympathy than pursuing his agent Valentine (Itan Houk) - executive, honest and boring. Scenes where Orlov sells weapons to the next African princeling or the hundredth time away from the chase, put a bright, witty and lively. See if this does not want to lean muzzle agent. The trouble is, probably, that the film, in spite of some very improbable events, yet very predictable. Working in a restaurant is good, bad arms trade. For the pleasure you have to pay. Sooner or later you palnut of thee same weapons sold. The wife does not forgive. Brother fail, as well as the addict fail twice. Agent catch and try to pay on merit. It will not work. Because the main supplier of arms - it is a state. Yes, no one there is no dispute.

User's Review:

Brilliant New Zealand writer ( "The Truman Show," "The Terminal") and a terrific director ( "Gattaca," "Simon") Endryu Nikkol in the 2005's gave on his own script this strong crime drama, based in part on a true story, the prototype of the main character which became the famous "Lord of War" Viktor Bout, convicted in 2012, the year in the United States by 25 years in prison for illegal arms trade and support for terrorism. The main character of this film Yuriy Orlov, the son of immigrants from the Soviet Union who settled long ago in America, Brighton Beach, and discovered there the restaurant. Together with his younger brother Vitaly Yuri is not particularly eager to walk in the footsteps of their parents, and decided to build his own empire, earn more money, and preferably immediately, even if not entirely legal way. Looking at the endless wars in the world and the rapidly growing aggressiveness between people, Yuri quickly smekaet that his bright future is behind the sale of arms and, starting small, it quickly in this case acquires the necessary experience and skill. It supplies arms to local gangs, supplies to Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Afghanistan, and as a result, is becoming the unofficial king of the criminal, nicknamed "the seller's death." But not everything in the personal life of Yuri goes smoothly, and mother and meticulous Interpol agent Dzhek Valentayn continually moving behind him. Stylistically, this movie reminded me of no less steep and the cult movie 2001 "Cocaine" with Dzhonni Deppom, but here instead of white powder, weapons of various kinds and complete sets. Dynamic plot, stylish camerawork Amir Mokri ( "Taking Lives"), a fashionable clip editing (the scene where "natives" dismantled piece by piece the plane, in my opinion, the masterpiece) and truly fascinating story, here's what touches while watching this film. And even if the structure is not new, and since the great "Scarface," Brian De Palma's tapes about "out of the dirt over the bodies to riches" was filmed is not enough, Endryu Nikkol still found some of his paint and his approach, through which the film It does not seem to be secondary. Nikolas Keydzh ( "Leaving Las Vegas," "Wild at Heart"), once a great actor and winner of the "Oscar" is probably almost the last played with dignity and high-level charming bastard Orlov, but after some strange way rolled to marginal roles in treshovyh absolutely meaningless and films. In order to attract girls to this seems to be a purely male film actor and singer Dzhared Leto ( "Requiem for a Dream") was invited quite a convincingly played Vitaly Orlov's younger brother George. Also pleased Itan Houk ( "Training day") as Valentine agent smart Bridget Moynahan ( "Sergeant") and the Englishman Ian Hill ( "Fifth element"). "Lord of War" - a spectacular, spectacular and clever movie makes you think about the modern human values, when for profit any apparent evil, there is always a good excuse.

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