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Live by Night

He was a good guy once

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Movie Length: 2:08

Genre: crime Drama

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 6.4

Director: Ben Affleck

Actors: Ben Affleck, Elle Fanning, Remo Girone, Brendan Gleeson, Robert Glenister, Mettyu Meher, Chris Messina, Sienna Miller, Miguel, Zoe Saldana, Kris Kuper, Titus Welliver, Maks Kazella, Clark Gregg, Anthony Maykl Holl

Budget: $ 65 million

Year: January 12

Download Live by Night

Free download Live by Night movie. What you bring into this world, always comes back to you, but not as you expect. Obediently follow his father's advice - such Koglin Joe never did things. Instead, a veteran of World War I, being the son of the captain of the Boston police acted outside the law and against the elite. Joe is not such a bad guy, or rather, he is not a bad life, you chose. In contrast to the gangsters, work for which he refuses, it is the concept of justice and a kind heart, but they just prevent it and make vulnerable both in love and in business. Driven by the desire to fix everything that has been committed against him, Joe walks a dangerous path, which is contrary to his upbringing and principles. Leaving behind a cold winter Boston, he and his team of thugs sent to the red-hot Tampa. And let revenge can seem sweeter than molasses flowing in every drop of the illegal rum, which he trades, Joe learns that all will have to pay a price.

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Our Review:

What does all this Ben Affleck wrote and directed the picture, based on the published in 2012 the novel Dennisa Liheyna (author of books that have become the basis for the film "Mystic River," "Shutter Island" and "collective fund"). Previously, Affleck worked with Lehane material - he acted as a director and screenwriter film adaptation of the novel "Gone Baby Gone." However, the last time a major role in the film played by his brother Casey, now a key character, principled thug who makes bootlegging, playing himself Ben. Why look Prohibition (1920-1933) - a very interesting period in US history, but still quite entertaining. All these hats pulled down over his forehead, funny cars, underground places and social events, where mobsters met with the cream of society, make the audience feel like a visitor edakogo amusement park for adults. In addition, the entertainment value of the picture increases the sense of humor of the authors: dialogs pop up here and there, quite black jokes that give characters with absolutely impenetrable faces, that only enhances the effect. Why can not look, however, inscrutable face of the protagonist - it is also one of the main disadvantages of the film. Besides that mimics Affleck is not too expressive, so also character is very similar to another character, recently played Ben. It trades on criminal matters the auditor of "Reckoning" - he was also a man of few words, cold, calculating, and true to his principles. Good people in poor circumstances - today's role of Ben. Separately, we note that Affleck, one probably should not write scripts alone. Above the "Law of the night," he worked without a co-author - and, it seems, tried to fit in a scenario absolutely all the ideas and stories, peeped in dozens (if not hundreds) of other crime dramas.

User's Review:

Crime drama: Night law or a new word in the gangster sagas period of Prohibition America? The first time I saw Bena Affleka, I realized that the female sex again zapadet on this handsome. But the more acquainted with his work, already as a director, I knew that guy fucking smart and creatively far advanced in contrast, by his colleagues with whom he started acting (well, like Ashton Kutcher, Dzhosh Harnet, Ryan Reynolds), all they have remained pretty, talented actors (well, at least as long as, at the moment), and Benny, was a talented director! And I went to the movie, basically not waiting for him to appear in the network, as cheesy, but it is to see it in good voice on the big screen in "Luxor", being sure that Ben Affleck, not let us down! And he was right! This is not just a film about gangsters - bootleggers (our self-racers, and kubinoromogonschikov film). The movie has it all! The First World War, gang raids on banks, deft police "strays" (as instead of life can be obtained only three years in prison plus 20 years suspended), Irish and Italian mafia, the anatomy of wealth during the "dry law", the causes and sources of formation gambling in the US, racial inequality and its eradication - the vows than dangerous diggers with their knowledge of underground communications, the principle: should pay for everything (that you bring into this world, always comes back to you, but not like you expect and protagonist of the film is Toko paid for his shiftless life) and even the mystery was revealed: who and what money sponsored by the Cuban Revolution! At the end of the movie Dzho Koglin, in the cinema protagonist generally understood that no matter what he chose as a brother, with whom he had not spoken, has achieved a lot in Hollywood, and his name flashed in the credits of a movie. The film encompasses all! And the more fun to watch! Historical details very carefully photographed, good humor (when uttered with a straight face), Florida impressive views! I do not know if I can then watch a movie gangster insurgents Prohibition and spitting, saying, Behold, Ben Affleck, yes, pulled up the heat, and it's not that, not that!

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