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Little Children

Download movie Little Children for free.

Movie Length: 2:17

Genre: Drama romance

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 7.6

Director: Todd Field

Actors: Keyt Uinslet, Dzhennifer Konnelli, Patrick Wilson, Jackie Erl Heyli, Noah Emmerich, Gregg Idelmen, Fillis Sommervil, Raymond J. Barry, Dzheyn Adams, Ty Simpkins

Budget: $ 26 million

Year: February 15, 2007

Download Little Children

Download Little Children full movie for free. The perfect American suburb, the ideal American family. Children play on its grounds, adults, comfortably ensconced in the shadows, watching. All lit white-toothed smiles happy. But is it all perfect? Domohozyaki weary and bigotry of others, and her husband there before her case, a young father abandoned his wife, gone into a career. Of course, when these two meet, they begin play in the novel. And nearby wanders pervert pedophile.

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User's Review:

This is an unusual and very vital cinema in the year 2006 took a great American director Todd Field after his breakthrough film debut with a successful and distinguished as much in five nominations for "Oscar" in 2001 to the drama "In the Bedroom" with Sissi Speysek and Tom Wilkinson. And, in my opinion, the second full-length work of Todd Field glubokomyslyaschego confirmed its status as a director with the original author's handwriting. This film is based on the eponymous novel by Tom Perrotta, who also came here and wrote, and whose novel "upstart", by the way, when is not less remarkable filmed Aleksandr Peyn ( "Descendants," "Sideways") with Riz Uizerspun in the lead role. "Little Children" - social and melodramatic movie about the lack of sometimes simple human love and attention to itself, the human desire to escape from the dullness of his life in which he is himself, and drove about prejudice and public opinion, which prevent us breathe freely of the wrong choice made once and nagging reluctance to grow up and take on some serious responsibility. This film is very thin, and even with humor shows us that adults - these are the same children, infantile, adventurous boggling change and most often at first to do something, and then to think and to rake the consequences of their decisions and actions. The heroes of this movie are very lively and realistic, and they, in general, and not heroes, and indeed Below average people, but it is their ordinariness and mediocrity, I think, makes them very interesting and recognizable for the viewer. Amazing, charming and exceptionally talented British actress Keyt Uinslet ( "Revolutionary Road", "Mildred Pierce") with a multi-faceted and charismatic Patrikom Uilsonom ( "Welcome to Lakeview" "Candy") masterfully and brilliantly played on the screen is just such overage children Sarah and Brad, whose fates are intertwined at random and forced to rethink many things in his life. Very bright and dramatic role played here and brutal Jackie Erl Heyli ( "Watchmen", "Shutter Island"), turned into a pedophile Ronnie, recently released from prison, which fears and hates the whole area, and does not give him any chance of a new life, and the only one who sees it as something light and truly loves it - it is his mother, for which he is still the same innocent little child and their relationship - one of the best storylines of the film. Dzhennifer Konnelli ( "Requiem for a Dream"), Noah Emmerich ( "The Truman Show") and Gregg Idelmen ( "Residence Permit") perfectly complement the story with their equally important and masterful play a character. The assets of this film three nominations for "Oscar" in the 2007th and three on the "Golden Globe", nominated for the prize "BAFTA nomination for the award" Gold Star "award" Young Hollywood "and a nomination for the award of the Guild of the US writers. "Little Children" - is not just a film, it is a mirror of our life, which is not look all nice and desirable, but sometime still have. We strongly recommend early viewing to all thinking audience!

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