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Free Léon movie torrent.

Movie Length: 1:50

Genre: Drama Thriller Crime

Country: France

IMDB rating: 8.6

Director: Luc Besson

Actors: Jean Reno, Gary Oldman, Natalie Portman, Denni Ayello, Maykl Badalukko, Ellen Grin, Elizabeth Regen, Carl J.. Matusovich, Peter Appel, Frank Senger, Willy Uan Blood, Don Creech, Keith A. Glasko, Rendolf Skott


Year: September 23, 1998

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Download movie Léon for free. Matilda pretty girl once went to the store and came back and found that her entire family was shot by corrupt police officers. Mathilde had no choice, how to get past the corpses mom and dad and to knock at the door of gloomy neighbor, about whom nothing is known. Neighbor Leon - the hired killer, who to my surprise opened the door and let Matilda, not only in the apartment, but in her empty life. Matilda asks Leon to teach her to kill in order to take revenge. Little girl and an adult male learn to live, in spite of the cruelty of the world and selected craft.

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Our Review:

After starring in "Leon" 12-year-old Natalie Portman woke up a star. Her talent was revealed most famous French director Luc Besson and America no less famous Frenchman Jean Reno. In New York's Little Italy quarter quietly living assassin Leon. He loves his houseplant, go to the movies and executes orders mobster Tony from the grocery store. In the neighborhood Leon lives 12-year-old Matilda. Her father owed drug corrupt policemen for the whole family Matilda was brutally murdered. Accidentally came under fire, Mathilda knocked on the door of a neighbor for help, and Leon admits the baby. Matilda swept revenge, almost surprised, therefore, that her new friend - "cleaner". She asks Leon to teach her their craft, to kill a police officer who shot her beloved younger brother. A fan of women's slope, director of the film "La Femme Nikita" has withdrawn his, perhaps the bloodiest drama, which became a classic of cinema. All images are registered delicately, whether merciful the killer, who lost the meaning of life or a girl heartless policeman in a magnificent performance by Gary Oldamana. This trio is forced to contend not only with each other but also with ourselves. It is hard to imagine that an assassin can experience human feelings and the little girl would seek to kill. The "Leone" all is turned upside down, allowing the viewer to not put labels on the "good cop" and "evil murderers." Director and writer praises the killer does not make cult from this profession. It merely shows that it is not sheer fun and hard existence and enforced solitude. Besson tries to discern the beginnings of the soul in the most cruel man, giving him a test in the form of a child. The role of Matilda did Natalie Portman star Luc Besson - a classic director, and Jean Reno has once again confirmed its status as an action hero. Awesome game Gari Oldmana and wonderful soundtrack Sting complete the picture, allowing you to "Leon" for the past 17 years to stay in the top ten of the world's movie ratings.

User's Review:

"I take through life." This film is the first time I looked in the year that way 95. I was 8 years old. I watched it from a friend to a video player, when there was a beautiful cover, but only copied pirated cassettes. In my opinion it was JVC and it wore a piece of paper glued "Leon killer (1994)." With a bottle of soda and candy in their hands, we started to watch the movie. At the time of the film, I can only remember how cool Leon dealt with hundreds of riot police and thugs, and the quiet away from them from the tray. Here is a hero who crushes all. Steeper except that Betmen. In the middle of his life (15 years), I again dare to watch this movie. Vidic has changed to a personal computer. And the quality of translation and the film became better. And now to the dismantling of the killer added his dramatic death and girls learning the art of killing. "That would be me and so - to kill the bad guys, and even get paid for it" - I thought. And recently, I again watched this movie I was already 24. Viewing got online, so finding it on the net easily. And shooting and even the death of the hero gone by the wayside. I began to feel the film. It turns out the whole story is not tied to the killer, and on the relationship of an adult male and a young girl. So different and so similar. They have one fate for two to be together alone. He never had a family, and she was not family. The film is not about war and death, but about developing relationships in their background. I'm sure that in a few years, I again see this film, maybe even with my child. Change Does my vision of this film? I think yes! After all, if a movie with meaning, and each has its own meaning. Every time you watch it in a new way. I wonder how this movie will understand my child .... The film itself is not who will not leave indifferent and connoisseurs and lovers of the drama "meat" of the shootings. I advise you to view the film and remains relevant to this day.

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