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L'homme qui rit

L'homme qui rit download movie.

Movie Length: 1:35

Genre: Drama

Country: France, Czech Republic

IMDB rating: 6.1

Director: Jean-Pierre Ameri

Actors: Zherar Deparde, Marc-André Grondin, Emmanyuel Sene, Krista Tere, Swann Arlo, Market Hrubeshova Vladimir Yarovskaya Pierre Peyrishu, Jiri M. Sieber, Miroslav Taborsky


Year: September 8, 2012 (World)

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L'homme qui rit download movie. A touching love story that unfolds in medieval France. Dea and Gwynplaine - two destitute souls, thrown out on the street wandering buffoon, they are fully experienced the fullness of human love. Brought up in the good and in harmony, the children grew up honest and noble. But the world is cruel, it lives by its own laws, and genuine virtue, oddly enough, can be found only in the cabin of a misanthrope. "The Man Who Laughs" by Jean-Pierre Ameri is already the fifth film adaptation of the eponymous novel by Victor Hugo - a classic of French literature.

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User's Review:

I read the book Viktora Gyugo "The Man Who Laughs", and so - no one character is not suitable for its description of those whom the author describes. The film is disappointing, it does not cause the emotions that the author intended! Face Gwynplaine was disfigured, according to Hugo, as much as it would conceal the terrible crime of the king against the Lord, it was like "animal mask": gums were exposed, his nose crushed, his hair bleached and because of this they were of red color (it is believed a sign of disgrace)! A person who provides the director is not "fit of laughter" even in modern humans, not to mention the "mob" of the Middle Ages. These people, exhausted by hunger, epidemics and persistent poverty, it would be hard to surprise, amuse and even more bleached-faced with an almost angelic smile! (Looks more like a smile harmless mime). Speaking of hunger: Ursus was starving buffoon-a skinny old man, who often interrupted only bread and water-food-nischentsa tramp! As this role could put such a (to put it mildly) more than average person like Zherar Deparde? He raskormlen so that I do not understand at what point he looks like a skinny? It seems this is the only one old man in the whole of France! Since there was no one more suitable for this role! No, and the main idea of ​​the book is very sad (but not funny), alas.

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