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Kim Bok-nam salinsageonui jeonmal

Kim Bok-nam salinsageonui jeonmal download movie.

Movie Length: 1:55

Genre: Drama Thriller Crime Horror

Country: South Korea

IMDB rating: 7.3

Director: Chol-su Jan

Actors: With Yong Hee, Song-won Ji, Min-ho Hwang, Jong-Hak Park, Jae Min, Lee Ji-eun, Park Jung Hak, Bae Son U

Budget: $ 700,000

Year: August 11, 2011

Download Kim Bok-nam salinsageonui jeonmal

Kim Bok-nam salinsageonui jeonmal download movie. Young and successful woman Haye-Vaughn worked for a large bank of Seoul and is an intense life filled with turmoil and high rhythm of modern man. Once Haye-Won becomes an unwitting witness to a crime. This event kicks girl out of the rut, and she decides to take a vacation and go to a remote island. There lives Bok-Nam, a familiar character, who repeatedly asked her to come. When Haye-Von gets to the island, she was watching a terrifying picture of life Bok-Nam. A young woman tortured by torture and begs casual acquaintances to save her. Thriller "osatanevshih" is the feature debut of South Korean director Zhang Chol Su.

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Our Review:

Ho Wong works in Seoul Bank. Accidentally becoming witnessed the murder, it is not something that has not helped the victim to ask for help, but not yet identified the perpetrators, or frightened, or simply do not want to waste time on it. Her day continued in the bank, where she first yelled at an elderly woman, denied credit, and then slapped a slap employee. The authorities, unhappy with the behavior of Ho Wong, send it on vacation. She decides to have a rest in the Korean village, where she spent childhood. Initially osatanevshih can calculate Ho Wong, but her suffering from office work and life in the city - florets in comparison with the village passions. In the village it is pleased only old friend Bok Nam, for which Ho Won is the personification of happiness and freedom. The remaining few residents at the door advised her to get out as far as possible. Poor thing Bock We have to endure-bastard husband who beat her and treats like a dog, as well as relatives, consisting of the wicked aunts, reproached for the fact that it works badly, and her husband's brother, constant chewing some grass and more like ram than a human being. And the audience at this point is already hungry for justice, he wants to get rid of this poor woman from slavery. And he'll get his. Bock We decided to flee with her daughter from the island, but she catches her husband. Daughter dies tragically, Bock We deprived of reason, and there it begins the story of what happens when a very angry woman. The first half of the film is a psychological drama. But closer to the finale begins the real horror film, but not with monsters, but with a woman-killer, which was brought to despair. Bok Nam, which a moment ago picking potatoes, suddenly began to kill all the locals improvised weapon of the proletariat - the hammer and sickle. Director Jan Chol Su has paved the way for a slasher: the action takes place on an island, where once a week the boat arrives. Residents are cut off from the mainland, and on the death of no one save. Yet the director has found an interesting move, so as not to turn the film into a conventional horror film, scenes of violence made poetry beautiful shots with the crazy woman, talking to the sun.

User's Review:

Real thriller. A young woman island cornered injustice severity and other small island dwellers that are more and relatives to one another. It is for them clearly a stranger. Best childhood friend, citizen, she asked for help, and she, in turn, long ignored her request; as a result of citizen watches terrible picture ostrovetyan life. Attention! Text marked as a spoiler and may disclose information about the plot. Show? Injustice stunning experience for the islanders, not left alone indifferent. End in her troubles invisible until the last drop of patience overflows pitcher. Losing it is nothing more. From that moment comes the just retribution and outright massacre. Justice has been done and the experience back. I recommend watching this film.

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